Democracy at the cusp of hatred and sectarianism

The peaceful protest of women in Delhi’s Shaheen-Bagh has earned it a unique place of respect, honor & fame it has become symbolic with the democratic approach & March in the world like the Hyde Park.

Democracy at the cusp of hatred and sectarianism

For the first time in 72 years after independence there are protests taking place in more than 130 cities of the country enormous no of  public protests against CAA, NPR, & NRC have been going on for the past 50 days.  The world’s largest 620-km-long human chain in Kolkata, 11km of human chain, in Delhi Lucknow, Allahabad, Prayag, Mumbai, Kochi, Patna, Guwahati are among those dozens of cities where women came out with their infants in their laps & children around them in the coldest season of the year to participate in the sitting protests. The peaceful protest of women in Delhi’s Shaheen-Bagh has earned it a unique place of respect, honor & fame it has become symbolic with the democratic approach & March in the world like the Hyde Park.

The BJP is trying to thwart and shut down the protests in various states and areas under its rule & influence, that is not proving to be very useful. BJP in Karnataka, Assam and other states is making use of the Black Law of UAPA against peaceful protesters. In fact, all the BJP ruled states have been converted into a police state. Protests are also underway in the eastern states. All 10 universities in these states have been closed by students.

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The government has Engaged its complete the administration and the judiciary and there has been a series of cases of abuses of power by the public servants and atrocities have been recorded against the peacefully protesting citizens & of India and in some cases even against those who are not at involved in the protest just because of belonging to Muslim community:

  1. An example of government’s brutality on 22 peaceful protesters they have been shot dead by police in UP. The police are brutally bruising and injuring the protesters. Thousands of Crores worth of properties have been seized under UAPA in UP, Karnataka and Assam.
    The government, instead of focusing on protests and rolling back the black law which triggered the protests, busy in its pride and arrogance. Attempts are being made to defame the protesters. Outrageous speeches and statements and press releases and press conferences continue to take place by the BJP Extremely immoral campaigns are being conducted against the protesting women in the media.
  2. Anurag Thakur, Union Minister in Delhi’s election rallies, created a sensation with his supporters by shouting out at the peaceful protesters who are the Citizens of India equally like him “Shoot the traitors of the country” for years, the BJP had nothing to fight the election of Delhi after being routed out in elections one after another in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Now the Delhi election is being fought by BJP on the issue of Shaheen-Bagh protests. Prime Minister Narender Modi, Amit Shah, Ravi Shankar Prasad and other BJP leaders do not hesitate in criticizing protesting women in Shaheen- Bagh in un-parliamentary words, shouting “Goli Maro Salon ko”. It is Not even a week a youth named Ram Bhakt Gopal opened fire on a protesting students at a college saying “Take it this is freedom” in which a student was seriously injured.

    In a speech, Sharjeel Imam, a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University, highlighted the nature of the protests in the northeastern states how it should be only, saying that if the 22-kilometer road connecting Guwahati was closed, the wheel would be jammed. Serious accusations were made of treason against the country and there was a controversy in the media. On mere statement, the court handed Sharjeel into police remand for five days.

    Famous comedian Kunal Kamra asked Arnab Goswamy of Republic TV on Indigo Flight some harsh questions, the move infuriated the Sangh Parivar that resulted in banning of Kunal Kamra’s air travel through DGCA for 6 months. ۔ Dr. Kafil, who is a Child Specialist at Government Hospital, Gorakhpur. Who helped the sick children by arranging the payment privately to the supplier some times ago, when 60 children were killed due to lack of oxygen cylinder in supply due to non- payment of previous bills to the supplier by the UP Government of Aditya Nath Yogi,  He was arrested on false charges and imprisoned for several months. As soon as he arrived in Mumbai to participate in the Mumbai protests against the NPR / CAA, he was arrested by UP police with the help of Maharashtra Police. “I am afraid the police will kill me in an encounter,” Dr. Kafil said at the time of his arrest.

  3. The BJP tried hard to organize the rallies in support of the CAA in UP, but they failed to generate public support for the rallies. Speaking in support of CAA, Amit Shah spewed poison that suggest that the BJP is angry and outraged at the nationwide protests against the NPR & CAA. Amit Shah said that more than 15 million Hindus were killed in neighboring countries at the time of independence. Terrorists in Kashmir expelled more than 500,000 Pundits from Kashmir. Our mothers and daughters are raped repeatedly asking the audience “Should we not to give citizenship to our troubled brothers, this CAA law is to grant citizenship, not to take away citizenship. Everyone is spreading lies. These Muslims are being fooled, etc.” If everything is ok, there are two important questions of citizens to that government which the government is refusing to answer.

The foremost problem is not including Muslims in CAA!!! You have passed a law giving citizenship passports to all Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Christians, and Sikhs who came from neighboring countries. What about the Muslim refugees coming from these three countries or other neighboring countries?

On the one hand they are giving citizenship to the believers of these 6 religions and on the other hand Muslims are being handcuffed & are being pushed into the detention centers and are being tortured.

According to international law, illegal resident citizen cannot be held in any prison for more than 3-6 months. Muslims have been rotting in jails here for 6 and 8 years. In more than 200 foreigner’s Tribunal in Assam that are transferring 90% of Muslims to Bangladeshi refugee camps. In the name of F/T a week & vague systems of justice is being run which is mocks are the system of Justice. To smear the eyes of the world the RSS is pretending to run court but in fact it is nothing but a drama to display to the world that they have fulfilled the required standards of delivering justice. The torture of more than 6 million Muslim families will destroy in the next few months. This is the result of a conspiratorial plot of the political party, the administration & the judiciary, based on the worst sectarian hatred in the Indian history.

(4) In the year 2002 Anti- Muslim riots in Gujarat, claimed more than 3,000 Muslim lives several hundred women & under aged girls were raped. It was through these riots that Narender Modi and Amit Shah became political heroes of Hindutva Ideology and took the politics of the country into their own hands. For those killers who were sentenced to life imprisonment by the High Court, the Supreme Court acted as a messiah and on January 28 ordered to release all 22 criminals like Pragya Thakur, Colonel Prohit, Swami Asima Nand, Vanjiyar and Amin. ۔ In 2013, there were Anti-Muslim riots in Muzaffarnagar in which 67 people were killed and more than 100 women were raped. More than 300 people were charged. On July 20, 2019, the court acquitted all the accused. In addition to that, 200 other people who were accused of instigating riots  all the cases against them have been withdrawn by the UP’s BJP government through a special decree. When there are no criminals and no accused where the victims are coming from and why the riots are taking place & who repeatedly massacres Muslims in this country? These are invisible forces which are not visible to the police administration and political masters.

RSS has succeeded in the last 40 years to a great extent in spreading the message that every Hindu in the country is innocent. And every Muslim is a habitual criminal and extremist. Hundreds of examples are before us today which support this theory:

Apart from protest against  NRC, NPR, CAA, in our country, protest are going on  as well in the United States, Europe, and other countries where the Indians are holding strong protests and the international community has openly criticized the Indian government for its Black Laws which have been introduced recently.

The richest man in the world, George Soros, who owns more than 36% of the world’s banks, openly criticized India’s BJP government, stating that ‘Kashmir was a Muslim-majority state which was stripped of its special status. And by imposing citizenship laws against Muslims, the Hindutva force is making Muslims suffer according to their agenda.

Of the 752 European Union parliamentarians, 650 were set to approve the resolution against the NPR / CAA.  The government of India using its international Israeli lobby to stop the resolution of the European Parliament on the very last day from taking place the European parliament has postponed it for next three months. The Indian people were delighted that the pressure against CAA would increase globally and that the government would revise these black laws and bring about change. Amit Shah’s assertion can be gauged by saying “we are not moving even an inch backward on the CAA and NPR”.

Analysts say that after the results of the Delhi elections, the government will curb its steel fist torture and end the protests in the country. Under serious charges like Assam, UP, Karnataka (UAPA) will file cases for Damage Control. The government still has 4 years at its disposal, Police, army, lawmakers have been using their powers extensively for four years on a large scale at national level It has the power to suppress the protests with full force.

It is not the style of the BJP government to talk to the opposition, or protesters to revive democratic values. The RSS believes in weakening and destroying minorities through the oppression of every kind. For 6 months, ordinary Kashmiri citizens have been detained in thousands of prisons. Political leaders, who have no charges, are kept in lockdown. More than 12,000 innocent children have been locked in concentration camps, saying it is going to be a children’s rehabilitation camp. The way the central government is dealing with innocent people, it will have to suffer its consequences in the future.

Those who continue to fight for the protection of their constitutional rights are doing a tremendous work; peace remains in protests for the survival of democracy, Minorities will remain protected as long as their basic rights remain protected. There has been a series of amendments to the Constitution, secular intellectuals, social activists, lawyers, politicians, but also people from all walks of life have raised their voice to save India’s secular role. It is a consciousness that if we are not successful today in abolishing these black laws today, we will surely succeed tomorrow.

By Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqi

(Scholar, Senior Analyst, Columnist, Opinion Leader, and Social worker)


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Democracy at the cusp of hatred and sectarianism
The peaceful protest of women in Delhi’s Shaheen-Bagh has earned it a unique place of respect, honor & fame it has become symbolic with the democratic approach & March in the world like the Hyde Park.
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