Democracy can save Middle East

Political systems play important role for human, civic,social rights of its people. Democracy played an important role in Europe, America and Asia to protect Human Right and fighting poverty. Seeing the situation in The Arab world, Arab countries need democracy for peace, sustainability and survival.

Democracy can save Middle East
Democracy can save Middle East

People in Africa and the Middle East such as Libya have fought with anger and aggression against their leader Colonel Gaddafi as their voices for most of the years have not been heard. Along with democracy comes development of a nation which leads to a better way of living. Stability will always be the answer.

The uprisings serve as a message to the world that human rights are universal rights and everyone deserves it.  Autocratic leaders have bought their way to power, by providing food but this has costed the millions of people losing on their right to freedom. Oppression controls them which make it seem as if they were living in a cage with many rules.

Take a look at Egypt where instead of conflict, peaceful negotiations have led to authoritarian rule changing into democracy. This has helped the nation slowly prosper.

It is always important to examine the past. Europe used to live in a very autocratic society, which was colonial rule. This led to the World Wars which later changed the European nations to democracy. Democracy has as a result lead to high development in countries such as Germany, where once upon a time leaders like Hitler used to control their lives and land.

With the use of technology, social media has helped people raise their voices. The main reasons for the uprisings in Africa and the Middle East can be owed to technology. Reaching out has been far easier, and telling the world the problems being suffered.

Following these uprisings, many countries restrict the use of internet in fear of uprising. One such country is China, where popular social media applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook are banned. People in China are encouraged to use Chinese applications where the government can track what is being said and by whom.

When looking at all these examples, poverty is not just a lack of material resources. It is a lack of the opportunities available, and the security being suppressed. The lack of influence in one’s own life is poverty! Let the poverty stricken people speak with freedom, so that their living conditions can change. Everyone should be able to meet and organise events to spread their message freely!