Destructions Wrought by Corona virus & Decline in Human Values

The Corona virus has rapidly engulfed most of the countries in the world, killing 1,26,539people and infecting more than Confirmed19,79,477.


The Corona virus has rapidly engulfed most of the countries in the world, killing 1,26,539people and infecting more than Confirmed19,79,477. The outbreak is spreading at time when science and technology advances have reached new peaks in the sky. The G-7 Great Powers of the World have declared their helplessness, humbleness, the great capitalist countries and their military powers that destroyed the Nations in a matter of seconds. Today, are forced to keep their own people  in Lockdown and Quarantine to avoid them getting killed through the spread of this deadly virus.  Although 95% of Corona virus patients are recovering, they do not know when this pandemic can cause the death & to whom. The two largest cities were known as the highest centers of modern civilization in the world. Where the eyes dazzling lights and parties, dance& music,beauties,alcohol and drugs, today their roads are quiet and ambulances are echoing in every street. No one is ready to help others. Wuhan, Italy, Spain, and the United States the army has been summoned to handle the situation. The world’s largest charity organizations and their workers have disappeared from the  scene; paramedical staff, and doctors are putting their lives at risk in treating Corona virus patients, as a result more than 600 doctors && more than a 1000 nurses  have lost their lives.

Even the most Powerful nations are also leaving the people at the mercy of disease, escaping their responsibility. For the past 10 days, Captain Brett Crozier of the US Navy’s Air Craft Carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, has been crying for help  with the US Naval Forces administration in his requests through email please save us for Gods sake.There are more than 5,000 people on board the air craft carrier and the Corona virus has spread all over the ship, we have no place for those affected here to put them  in Quarantine. Thomas Modly the Secretary of Defense sent a very cold blooded reply to him there is no arrangement right now, you guys have to stay on the ship for a few days more. Then it was said that We are running short of the testing  Kits as soon as the arrangement is done we will inform you.The government sprang into action only when this news was published on the first page of the San Francisco Chronicle’ with a great difficulty they could arrange only 800 test kits. 114 fourteen people were tested positive. Efforts are underway to move them to hotels and military clinics. Thousands of tests still remain, until that time the disease is going to engulf hundreds of Americans. This is the state of the nation which has established for the first time in history it’s space command center. The president, the ministers, the secretaries and the staff of the entire government have become helpless. People are being appealed to pray to God.

Prime Ministers of Italy, Spain and the UK have been seen crying on TV over mass casualties of their citizens, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy said “we request  the world that our nation is going through a very bad time. Help us save our nation  from death. Addressing his people, he said this is not the  time for  humor& comedy there is no time for fancy times and parties showing lack of concern & remorse for those who are dying is not good, etc;”

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City can be seen on TV daily through his repeated requests to the American leadership, officials and governors, “our city has been taken over by the pandemic, we lack medical infrastructure nurses and doctors and medical staff  has no personal protective equipment and ventilators. If we do not fight with the outbreak together today, the outbreak could endanger your cities tomorrow.”

Worst Fall of Human Values: As the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic spread across Europe and the United States and the death toll began to rise, the worst moral decline of the world’s most advanced capitalist nations was exposed to the world that how  meanness and selfishness,has crushed all the basic, moral, cultural, religious values & has destroyed them completely. Immediately after the lock down the volcano of domestic violence and moral crimes exploded with the complete collapse of the family health care system.

Neglecting the case of the old and weak parents children are found busy in getting their wealth and properties transferred in their names. Brothers and Sisters are batting with each other. Instead of shifting the parents affected by the pandemic to hospitals they are busy in snatching from their dying parents whatever is left with them before time. An old lady was interviewed on DW TV the lady said in the interview “my children have snatched everything from me the weakly pension which I receive from the government that is not enough to pay for the weakly rent and to pay for two meals of the day. If I go out I will not have even the money to pay for a cup of coffee left with me. I am craving for two scoops of ice cream.”

People in  China, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, USA are not sorry to see their old parents die. On the contrary, they are celebrating in advance the access to wealth, capital & fixed and immovable property which will be transferred in their name.locked in their houses, there is an increase in  alcohol consumption, they are killing or injuring wives. None of the hospitalsis ready to accept such cases.

Women with children from  EX-Unmarried Partners two to three from each partner  are extremely worried and upset there are reports that mothers are killing their own children at several places, and instances of mothers going out with their new boyfriends leaving their children crying have registered an increase of several hundred times. They could be a sudden increase in the birth rate by next December to April owing to Lock Down.  Big Cities used to receive at least 10,000 cases of abortions on daily basis now the gynecologists have stopped checking. Doctors are now serving the patients with the Corona virus. Some women are losing their lives in trying drugs or abortion-prescribed methods on the Internet. Also, women who need surgery. There are reports of women dying inEmergency delivery facilitydue to lack of supervisors during Lock Down. Several women who need to be operated are losing their life in the absence of the facility during lock down. Unmarried couples who had  adopted‘Abandoned Children’ such children are subject to sexual abuse on a massive scale.Incest is becoming common due to lock down,innocent children are becoming victim to sexual abuse by use of drugs on them.

In these countries, most of the elderly either live in Home for the Aged or live alone in their apartment. Their caretaking staff used to come and work once in 24 hours. Yes, thousands of old people have died in their apartments. When there is a stench, the government staff is coming in and removing the some cases people are coming to know that in such and such building so many bodies were disposed , in some cases people are dying due to hunger. There is little humanity still left that the authorities are being informed about the deaths of their parents. We have handed over the dead body to the Municipal Authorities for disposing. He just cuts off the telephone with a note of thanks. This is the worst fall in the Human values. Those who are dying due to the Corona Virus Pandemic their dead bodies are being put in a bag or cover and are being shifted through shovels into big pits and holes. The fundamental human values respect for the old and serving them, showing compassion towards women and children the priority for the blood  relations  all have ended all of a sudden. Escape from Ethics, civilizational values has become new code of conduct and became common. No one can save such families from destruction in the house where spouses eat their own separate food.

Scientists say that this chain of viruses breaks and builds up, then it can reappear after a few days or months. It may take months and years for the United States to cope with the Corona virus, . The new trend is coming up. Symptoms of the disease do not appear until the end of time. And the patient remains like a health person until the last moment of his life. When the disease destroys the lungs completely then only the doctors come to know the death has occurred due to corona virus. Racial & gender discrimination is on the rise. Chinese people in the United States are being called out with bad names and titles, and they are being mocked in public places, even as Senate members are telling Chinese that these strange insect eating people are responsible for the spread of  corona virus has spread to humans due to eating insects, snakes, scorpions, dogs, cats, bats, and birds .

In India, many horrible moral evils do exists they have been exposed to the world due to the spread of corona virus and its related lock down. it has been noticed that the Indian society is divided in classes and grades. Poor migrant workers in hundreds of millions are seen on the roads and highways marching towards their home towns hungry and thirsty. Some one has to walk 900 km or another one has to walk 200 km with their wife and children when the heat is at its peak they are found walking for more than a weak to make it to their home town. due to this difficulty migrant worker  are dying on their way to home.

The BJP government is not paying any attention to this. If the government wanted they could have arranged for the workers, tents & better meals and drinking water facility for all. The stands witness to it that the hundreds of migrant workers with their family and children were exposed to chemical cleaning by the fire brigade with their pipe. There were huge protest in the country against this the Lap Media found a golden chance to divert the attention on the Tablighi Jamat Markaz  and the TJ Markaz is being project as being solely responsible for the spread of Corona Virus in the country. Those country that are affected with the corona virus millions of people are being laid off by thousands of companies including the Boeing Manufacturing company that has announced its lay off plans for its employees and shutting down of its units.  It is difficult to predict how long it is going to take to have complete control on the virus. But Hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs and there is no job in their sight the whole country is busy in feeding its hungry migrant workers.

By Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqi

(Scholar, Senior Analyst, Columnist, Opinion Leader, and Social worker)


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Destructions Wrought by Corona virus & Decline in Human Values
The Corona virus has rapidly engulfed most of the countries in the world, killing 1,26,539people and infecting more than Confirmed19,79,477.
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