Dog: An Animal of High Glory

    An animal which has been a subject of praise and poetry since ages need just it is deserved respect which they are entitled to.

    Dog An Animal of High Glory
    Dog An Animal of High Glory

    The eminent American humorist Josh Billings once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than yourself.” Such has been the esteem of this animal that lots of praises have been showered on it from time to time. The Dog is the only animal which has got more recognition than any other animals in this world. The reason is quite obvious. The loyalty of a dog is considered as a parameter even for human beings. Not only their loyalty but also their dedication are subjected to various metaphors on a day to day life. These metaphors are considered to be of prime importance because of its adaptability to many situations. Whether it be a hostile situation or a family environment it does not need to panic and that’s the reason that it is equally respected either it is a war front or a family gathering. The quality of socializing makes it the most adorable pet whether it be a family which is itself living hand to mouth or the family is a multi-millionaire. Even its survival instinct is a matter of dignity for other animals and a lesson for human beings too. When betrayal and treachery have become a common social element, the love of dogs for its benefactor is quoted in various seminars.

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    The Less Fortunate

    There are two classes of human beings, one who enjoys all the luxuries of life and born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the other one is subject to every possible deprivation as he was not that lucky, the same is the case with the dogs. Some dogs are treated respectfully and some dogs are not only labeled as stray but also captured to torture, mutilation, and slow death. It’s the irony of this human society that at one point of time we adore them with the best possible adjective and on the other side, we frame them as stray as we are not able to provide them the basic requirements. Then only the words of eminent Mozambican politician Samor Machel seems true, “The rich man’s dog gets more in the way of vaccination, medicine, and medical care than do the workers upon whom the rich man’s wealth is built.” These are the deplorable states of the less fortunate dogs that they are deprived of what its fellow counterpart gets.

    Semblance of Sweetness

    The dogs are not just an animal but also a sweet creature when it is analyzed properly can give us a lot to learn. Even the eminent American humorist Robert Benchley once said, “A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance and to turn three times before lying down” and it would be needless to mention the words of the eminent French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, “The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn’t pose….” to describe its sweetness. We need to understand that a dog is an animal which is subjected to our utmost care and not our cruelty or show-offs as we do not need to forget that Dog is God spelled backward.

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