Dream: The Darker Side Of Life

    How much is it worthy to run after something called dream when we know it is often overrated. Dreams could be disastrous if not understood and applied properly


    How much the “Dream” which is possibly the highly overrated topic in today’s modern world have grabbed attention from us even when we claim to be a victim of hectic busy schedule in our lifestyle? Gone are the days of childhood when we used to dream everyday (Ah! In the night) and used to forget in the day time. Today, this damn dream is neither letting us to sleep at night nor allowing us to have a relaxed state of mind during the day. There were times when we used to take the dreams lightly as it is a daily phenomenon, but all thanks goes to the self-help books and these highly adored motivational speakers who have totally transformed the concept of dream. Not only they have changed the perception of the common masses but also have forced the common folks to be in the web of a labyrinth. Whenever we just try to even have a bird’s eye view around us, we cannot encumber us from being mesmerized. It is largely been a standard sight; people around us talking about their dreams. Even if we just ask a person about his dream, he starts chanting in such a continuous flow that we will be surprised that whether he is telling his dream or repeating something in front of us which he has remembered by heart as a parrot speaks. Even before we get more confused, we need to have a look of the reality of this so-called dream which is almost unrealistic in nature.

    Reality of Dream

    When even the word “Dream” we hear, what is our first reaction? We begin to think about the various fantasies of our life which could occur in our life at any point of time. And the most ridiculous about this dream at any point of time is that it is always unknown. It’s not an uncommon sight people say that they work hard to achieve their dreams. But whenever we dare to ask the reason of being the particular thing, their words start hanging in fire. A lot of people ruin their life in chasing their so called dreams which had been built on the temptations of this materialistic world. A person is unable to understand his whole life that the temptations for which he is running is like a rattrap in the mirage. When we get something now, we expect the result in the future. The most funny thing which we find is that people take the examples of the individuals who had been successful and they do not hesitate to give the logic that if they, then why not I? They fail to understand that the situations or the conditions which were prevalent at their time may or may not be available to us. And the role of motivational books has acted as a fuel to the fire. They provoke persons’ thought-process but we fail to understand that there is a difference between writing things and getting things happened in the real life. They tell us to go forward in life irrespective of any obstacles. But we people fail to understand that these are written predicting the ideal conditions

                                                   Is it even worth-mentioning that if life has ideal conditions, then it becomes idle? They are the same people who feel sorry for others when they are chasing their so called dreams and after few years when they had been ruined; they feel life had cheated them. Why don’t they dare to ask a very simple question that how much is it worth to ruin their life they are leading at the moment to make their future life rosy?

    Meaning of Dream

    Even if we sit and ponder that what exactly dream is then we would find a hell lot of answers. The meaning which I unearthed from my personal experience is:

     D: Dare

    R: To Face Reality

    E: In Effective

    A: & Appropriate

    M: Manner

    The real meaning of dream lies in the fact that we should have the guts to face the practical and the realistic situation which arise in our day to day life and not only wasting our time in fantasies. We should not forget the fact that if we are able to improve our present then not only our present becomes our golden, but also our future would be also be golden.

    The Concluding Words

    We should never forget in life that “Present is a ‘present’ which had been presented to us in hard cash and Future is a promissory note.”