Education in Time of Covid-19 ; Adamas International School



Necessity they say is the mother of invention. For us necessity has revealed the immense potential the human mind has and the sheer force of human will power. Digital learning had always been talked about and educationists were inching towards it with baby steps. But what was to be ten years hence has suddenly been forced on us by the lockdown within a fortnight. Adamas International School has adapted with alacrity displaying once more the genuine concern teachers have for students. It has not been an easy task, often burning the midnight oil to get lessons ready for the next day.

However, teachers will teach and students will learn what they have to in course of time. This has proved true at a time when physical classrooms seemed a distant proposition. Our teachers have ensured that their students are prepared. Teachers and students plunged themselves into the whirlpool of technology, aided by our very competent IT team, and immersed themselves in zoom classes and Google classrooms. All age groups starting from toddlers to class XII have had their lessons taught remotely. For teachers it proved an effective way of teaching without the usual distractions of a regular classroom, and for students who wished to learn, it was again a kind of one to one teaching which they relished. Besides, parents had a taste of the quality of teaching at Adamas International School which was duly appreciated. Detailed preparation was made for each lesson by the teachers – shooting videos, rehearsing for them, uploading in sharepoint and scheduling lessons in Google classrooms. This was arduous and involved many hours of work for teachers who had never been trained for online classrooms. Often there were technical hurdles which were resolved by the technical team.

 Adamas also went beyond classroom teaching to celebrate Rabindra Jayanti virtually with wonderful performances by its teachers and students. A classwise parent teachers meeting was also arranged to give and receive feedback of our online classes. This too was a novel experience for both parents and teachers and was quite successful. On the whole our online journey has proved a perfect example of synergy between different departments to deliver the best to our students in this time of crisis.

Yet, at the end of the day, School education not only teaches and evaluates a curriculum, but prepares a child for life in the fourteen odd years the child spends there. It nurtures the emotional, social, physical and spiritual aspects of the child too, to make him a worthy citizen of a highly connected world. This is where going back to a brick and mortar school is so important. We are therefore sure, at the end of this pandemic, the “new normal” for education will be a judicious blend of online and onsite education for our children.

Mittra Sinha Roy


Adamas International School. Kolkata