Emotional Wellness can Help Achieve Personal and Professional success

Recognising and managing your own emotions can be a big factor to your personal and professional success. In an exclusive interaction with The Policy Times, Mrs. Bhawna Monga, Author, and a Relationship Wellness Expert shares some expert guides for work-life-balance, relationship, managing stress and improving your emotional wellness.

Emotional Wellness can Help Achieve Personal and Professional success

Q. What is Emotional Wellness (EW) and how is it import in our life today?

Answer: Emotional Wellness caters to your own emotions. As human being, all of us has different energy levels. Everyone has got energies around and it is transferred from one person to another. Basically, emotion is energy in motion. Emotional Wellness is how you recognise emotional instincts and how emotions flow in our body. Energy should always flow. If it stops, it creates blockages which leads to diseases. Emotional wellness is relatively related to these things.

Feeling happy or jealous is an emotion. When we talk about these things, we experience emotion. We happen to be serious only with those emotions that are inside us and ready to pop out. 

Does it mean that Emotional Wellness has relevant connection with diseases?

Answer: Most of the viruses and Bacterias are inside our body or in the environment. When we are weak, virus or Bacteria infects us. When you see stagnated water anywhere, you find mosquitoes, bacterias and other infectious insects growing. When water starts flowing, all of them are washed away. So when you have emotions in motion, you can see how they can cause diseases and being washed away. 

Q. Stress these days at home and in workplace is widespread and becoming a psychological disease. What is the genesis and what are the solutions?

Answer: Because people are trying to do more than what they are supposed to and what they are meant to. My understanding is when you try to do things beyond your level, you feel stressed out. For example, you are 50kg and can lift weight of 20kg but you want to lift 40kg, it is difficult for you. But the same 40kg weight is easy for a 80kg person to lift. So to lift 40kg, 80kg person will not be stressed out while the 40kg person will be severely stressed out.

In day-to-day life, we are expected to do more than what we are capable of. This is creating stress at work. So fine-tuning your own expectations and understand capacity can help you manage stress quite well.

That also means that there is something to do from Employers’ end?

Answer: Yes employers have important things to do. Training people can help. I know that employers becoming more demanding but they are not imparting relevant training to finish right amount of work on time. Moreover, managing time by having better KRAs is important. Moreover, employees often do many things which do not lead to productivity. So by having a defined role and specific tasks, employers can make employees aware to deliver work better.

Clarity and communication is another issue. Your supervisor often asks you to complete some tasks and once you complete those, you come to know that many of the tasks you completed are not needed. Deadlines are always close and there is often no clarity of priority. Piling up of work happens in office that causes even more stress.

Q. How is Emotional Wellness different from Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intelligent Quotient (IQ)?

Answer: Now trends are even more evolving. Last decade, we were talking about EQ. People are talking about Spiritual Quotient. It is somehow a newer related term – reaching spiritual wellness through which you can handle both spiritual wellness and IQ. 

Q. Does it mean, becoming more spiritual is achieving peace in life?

Answer: Yes it is! To clarify further, spiritual means being into what you are doing and being connected to your inner-self instead of focusing on external factors. Being spiritual means the way you look at life and connecting to yourself.  

Q. Relations and Relationships play key role at home or in office. How is EW important in relations and relationship matters?

Answer: Emotion and relationship go hand-in-hand. If your emotions are negative, it will impact negatively on your relationship. If you are deprived of anything, you will develop jealousy as an emotion. This will impact in your relationship. If you are content with your achievements, you will embrace others’ success. 

Emotion works as your balancing skill and help you measure your relationship with others. This is inside you and you will observe no one else will. if there is fire in a room and 20 people are there. Each of them will react different way – a few of them will run, few will panic, and few will try to fight, etc. 

Q. As suicide due to betrayal, stress, failure in relation is becoming widespread, how to address the issue?

Answer: Day-to-day life is busy. Brain is working. Brain is taking more control over our life including mind. Mind keeps us juggling into past and future. If we are in a series of negative thoughts, due to poor control, those thoughts are impulsified or intensified. This creates fear and images of failure. People lose love towards themselves. That leads to take such drastic decisions often. 

Solution is love yourself, identify your own power, own strength and believing in yourself. So when you wake up, tell yourself in front of the mirror at least five times a day, “I love myself.” This will give you positive state of mind and gratitude towards being yourself.

Q. How to bring work-life balance in this fast moving world especially for women?

Answer: Work of society is to help but somehow they impose guilt. Women have to learn how to work guilt-free. She needs to identify what is her role as a mother. Is she a teacher, tutor or caretaker? If she can identify that she is a mother and mother is there to love and delicate the other works to others. If she can give love for half-an-hour which can fulfil the need for love for 24 hours, there is no need to give other things.

Mother is not there for kids to score good marks. She can delicate that work to tutor. Being a mother, she is not a trained tutor. She is not supposed to teach the children. She is supposed to guide them, develop good reading habit and to see whether kids are studying or not under the guidance of the teacher. She should channelise everything to ensure that children are taken care of well. First is love them in abundance. Once you ensure that, there is no guilt associated with your work.

Make yourself guilt-free. If you are working, you are doing it to support your family. In India, when women are working, there is different point of view. There are about 50-60 works each family does everyday. If the tasks are allocated between wife and husband, women can enjoy life in a much better way.  

Any last message?

Answer: To simplify relationship, giving and moving on are the best thing. If someone has done anything to you, leave that aside and just move on. Start relationship from the beginning.  And instead of managing relationship, just wait for time to give direction to your relationship.