Empowering Digital Connectivity for Universal Education in India through the Million(s) Smile Campaign


In the span of over 100 days since Covid-19 broke out, it taught us that life would never be as same as it was before. Everything changed into a virtual mode significantly, and we have to deal with this new normal. Similarly, Online Education is the reality and has to be adopted. A study says that failure in online system of education will make around 10 million rural kids leave schooling. About 30 out of 100 students have the opportunity to complete proper education in the Adivasi Community in a village of Jharkhand. It has been stated by a principal from Chhattisgarh that only 5 children attend online classes using one laptop or smart phone.

The concept of effective e- learning has broadened from narrow content-led approaches to become more participative. As technologies have become “unobtrusive” and “ubiquitous” it is likely to prove more powerful in work- based and community learning.

As a responsible media platform with developmental journalism and policy advocacy at its core, we have launched a “Million(s) Smile Campaign”, to Empower Digital Connectivity for Universal Education in India and it is our pledge to create a platform for e-learning across India by providing tablets, refurbished laptops and smartphones and internet connection at a very affordable price.


  • The smartphones and tablets will have WIFI and 4G connection with slots of 2 SIM cards as well as availability of calling facility.
  • It will have 1 GB Ram and 8 GB Storage capacity, 1MP Back Camera and 5MP Front Camera with Android version 7.
  • It is compatible and has access to Jio Call, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team etc. needed for online education.
  • It will have 6 months warranty (no warranty for physical damage and burning).
  • The gadgets have ‘Khan Academy’ app in- built and delivery is done within 7 days of payment with 100% payment is taken in advance.

As per UNESCO over 1.6 billion students did not get access to education since April 2020, which is actually 90% of global student population. A British charity named “Save The Children” warns of an “Unprecedented Education Emergency” which would jeopardize the education of millions of kids, who may never return to school worldwide with a rapid rise of child labour and sexual abuse.

Thus a step towards the improvement by providing smart phones, tablets and refurbished laptops at an affordable price to children’s would definitely reduce the rate of school dropouts. We purpose and seek supports from likeminded partners (NGOs, Corporate Foundations, Social Workers, Industrialists) so that we can spread a token of Smile to millions of needy children eager to learn and who are otherwise deprived of education. When everyone around say that 2020 is a Bane we take an initiative of changing the fact and make 2020- 2021 a boon for these needy children by empowering them with Digital Connectivity to achieve Universal Education in India.