Is This the End of American Hegemony?

The world leaders chose to frame global policies without America for the first time and kind of awkward moments that an American President had to share with world leaders at the recently concluded G20 Summit in the history of America clearly indicate end of American leadership. But important question is what's next who will lead the world?

Is This the End of American Hegemony

President Trump had been dubbed as the nemesis of United States from the time even before the last presidential election. There were critics who brushed aside such expectations, saying that once in power, he will change. However, his inability to lead the world is exposed most glaringly as the days are rolling by. His attitude of only looking for American interest, discarding the climate issues, and creating new problems such North Korea, Qatar and so on provides little confidence to the other global leaders on him.  It is also being speculated that United States have lost the credibility to lead the world.

The question, however, remains who will succeed US for the global leadership position. The biggest country and the second biggest economy, China, are still not ready for this position. This country has a dictatorship government with iron curtain placed for the other nations. Moreover, human rights record of China has a big question mark. Further, China still has extensive poverty and its per capita income is still much lower compared to the developed economies. Lastly, there are very few countries that China leads, with the exception of Pakistan and North Korea. The European powers such as Germany and France have localized influence within the EU. Moreover, such small nations might not be suited for the global leadership role.

On the other hand, if USA fails to lead, it can lead to havoc in many countries around the world. For example, it is clear that US leadership approach in relation to North Korea has been very naïve and immature. North Korea is threatening United States and anyone who tries to counter them, and United States instead of trying to engage them for dialogues is behaving like a sitting duck. President Trump should have asked China to engage North Korea with meaningful dialogue, much the same way as President Obama handled Iran. Instead, their ploy of asking China to cut energy supplies to North Korea will never work as China cannot take the risk of flooding refugees in its own country.

In the Gulf region, President Trump could not solve a single problem, and instead added some by blocking Qatar in the Gulf Crisis. President Trump is yet to address the poverty, unemployment and other social and political trouble going on in a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. His war on terror fails to address these issues in the developing countries as these factors are genesis of global terror.

Even the people of developed European nations don’t like him. More than 80 percent of the Germans have little or no faith in him on the grounds of his leadership quality. The investigation is going on regarding Trump’s underhand dealings with Putin. There is growing discontent within America regarding Trump and very few media houses supports this man as the President of United States. President Trump’s stand on climate issues has also drawn flak from various quarters. However, President Trump’s inability to lead is a red light for the world as there is no potential successor that can fill the void. Or the world may be submerged into chaos and misrule if the substitute cannot be found.