Expat Workers Don’t Enjoy working in India, According to Survey

Though India is a land of opporunities, foreigners still don't find India an attractive destination for work. India needs to improve its working conditions to attract foreigners as they bring investment, ideas, innovations and technology!

Expat Workers Don’t Enjoy working in India Proves Survey

Various surveys conducted across the world shows India in a poor light to expat workers. A survey conducted with 12,500 expats across the world shows that India’s rank is among the bottom 10 nations in terms of working and living in the country. Among the 65 nations considered for the survey, India’s position is 57, which is a fall of eight places from last year’s rank.   

However, India’s ranking is good in terms salaries being high and a low cost of living. Nevertheless, the expats in India struggle with a poor quality of life, poor family life, personal safety concerns, culture shock, long working hours, and dreadful pollution.

In another survey conducted annually by Expat Insider, respondents taken from 166 nationalities living in 188 countries have shown that women in particular (52%) feel unwelcome in India because of their gender. In this respect, India stands among the bottom five nations along with Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Among the female expats, 47% are PhD or postgraduate, 37% are bachelor’s degree holders, but almost one third of them have been staying at home and looking after the household. The possible reason for the same is that almost half of the expat mothers do not receive adequate childcare in India.

This year, in the Family Life Index, the ranking of India plummeted to 39 out of 45 nations sliding 10 places behind. The reasons for this, is the poor range of choices for children’s education. A fair amount of expat parents (29%) are not happy with the country’s education, and thus 54% send their children to international schools. Over half of the expat parents also find education in India difficult to afford.

In the subcategory of the Family Well-Being, India’s rank is last. In the Working Abroad Index, India’s rank is 49 out of 65 nations. The work-life-balance is another vital area where expats are trying to cope with a number of difficulties.

Therefore, there are many areas surrounding a working person that India lacks behind compared to global standards. India has to pull up its socks quickly as it needs to have good working and social infrastructure to attract foreign workers. If India aspires to become a global hub for business, these factors should be critically examined and improved upon to make it at par with international standards.