Fake webpages and counterfeit products are giving e-tailers a big headache


When we open Instagram or Facebook or any other social media we see pages with advertisements of products. These products seem familiar to us as we have already looked at them on Amazon or Flipkart. The price lower and then we end up buying it. The fact that those products are fake and you have just ended up paying a criminal is something we fail to understand. Such problems are common occurring nowadays. We are having a problem that was bound to occur when e-commerce takes over us.

The counterfeit products sometimes never reach the customer or sometimes are fake. The fact that there are hundreds of complaints of such products being listed online and cybersecurity firms have their hands full. A cybersecurity professional told ET about an incident when the Craftsvilla seller had approached him about his product photographs listed on some other fake websites.

Manan Shah said, “A seller from Craftsvilla had approached me when his product photographs were getting copied on other sites and he could not do anything about it. I then pulled down the other pictures and removed it from Google. These fake accounts mainly intend to use their profiles to sell counterfeits, send users to phishing pages, and sometimes to distribute harmful malware.”

Sellers having such problems usually have a cybersecurity professional take them down. Sujayath Ali of Voonik said that such issues are increasing every single day. He said, “A third-party delivery partner’s system was hacked, through which the scammers accessed our customer details and used those to ship counterfeit products. But, thereafter, we have controlled access to our user data, which has prevented such cases.”

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Amazon also said in a statement that counterfeit products are taken down as soon as they are listed on any platform. Such illegal behavior is not tolerated by Amazon and it has to do it on a daily basis. He said, “We remove suspected counterfeit items as soon as we become aware, and suspend or block bad actors suspected of engaging in illegal behavior or infringing others’ intellectual property rights. We have taken independent legal action and will continue to do so. And we work with law enforcement who present us with the valid legal process.”

That said, everyone has to take care of such things and most of all, the customers have to beware of such fake pages and products. So that people don’t fall for such things more often. That being said, the companies are taking a lot of effort to take such posts down but we can help them by identifying ourselves and not ordering from pages which are fake.