Fallout of BJP-PDP Unnatural Alliance: What’s Next for Kashmir?

Experts say that the BJP-PDP unnatural alliance has done more damage to Kashmir than benefits. Business, tourism, education and public movement have been severely affected.

Fallout of BJP-PDP Unnatural Alliance: What’s Next for Kashmir?

The breakup of the BJP and PDP coalition is a relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The fallout had been foreseen. It was just a matter of time. Professor Noor Ahmad Baba, Central University of Kashmir’s Dean School of Social Sciences said the coalition between the two parties was unnatural. “They were incompatible It was an unnatural alliance.” Professor Noor Ahmad said the three-year coalition had not benefitted Kashmir in any way.

The National General Secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav told reporters in New Delhi while announcing the decision that it had become untenable for BJP to continue with the alliance. He said terrorism, violence, and radicalization has risen and fundamental rights of the citizens were in danger. Mehbooba Mufti resigned as Chief Minister and now Governor’s Rule has been imposed in J&K.

Professor Noor Ahmad said there was a clash of interests between BJP and PDP. The alliance did more damage to Kashmir. There have been numerous of encounters, on-going protests and strikes and commoners killed by the armed forces and human rights violations.

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Businesses, tourism, education have been tremendously affected in the three-year BJP-PDP coalition. Professor Noor Ahmad said BJP is not losing anything from the coalition fallout. “They have a larger political objective at the central level. And with the elections next year, it is quite obvious.” He said BJP was making full use of the Hindutva ideology. With Kashmir being a Muslim-majority, their ideology didn’t work. Earlier in April this year, BJP lawmakers in had been caught in Jammu attending a rally in support of the accused in the Kathua rape case. The lawmakers had resigned

Kashmir’s conflict is deep-rooted. It needs time and patience for a solution to be derived. The people of Kashmir have lost nothing in the two parties’ breakup. In fact, Kashmiris are seeing a ray of hope in this. They can exercise their voting rights and bring to power a party that will better serve their interests. There is no doubt that to be a chief minister in J&K, is a challenge because it being a state of conflict.

Every now and then, protests erupt because of encounters. The people’s aspirations are not being met. With the governor’s rule in place, there are more police and armed forces personnel on the streets and roads of Kashmir. Ms. Mufti said J&K has been further alienated.