Farewell To A Fiery Fighter

A very heart-touching farewell to a cricketer who was an epitome of grit, will, confidence and a lot other things marked the end of an era

Farewell To A Fiery Fighter
Farewell To A Fiery Fighter

Is it the end of an era of cricket in a nation where the sport which is synonymous to the Almighty or is it was just a farewell who was pretty sure more than just a cricketer? Who would have predicted that almost a six feet lanky guy from New Delhi representing India on the foreign soil in 1999 would surpass all the perimeters of sportsmanship in the forthcoming years? Since the very beginning this left-arm wiry pacer defied all the odds which was almost unexpected at that time. In the era when fast bowling was assumed for a well-built sportsman, this person even after having a lean and thin personality ignited the art with his unmeasurable grit and immense confidence. A very down-to-earth person, a fiery fighter, a symbol of sportsmanship when culminated together gives rise to a cricketer called Ashish Diwansingh Nehra popularly called Ashish Nehra and Nehraji by his numerous fans and teammates.

According to the popular belief a sportsman is normally remembered for his numerous records which he holds during his career but Ashish Nehra is a name which comes perhaps after immense blessings from the Almighty who not only have the capability to hold records but create a live example of fine character and sportsmanship. A bowler who even after being in the possession of a fragile body didn’t let his mental strength to be fragile even for a single nano-second during his entire career. Even a fan of cricket knows how much it is painful for a cricketer to comeback from an injury after spending endless days on bed? This injury not only victimize your body but also you lose your confidence on yourself. It was for sure that these things would have meant for any other cricketer or any other sportsman but this was Ashish Nehra who doesn’t let neither his confidence nor self-belief shaken by injuries. Even after more getting injured for more than ten times he always made a comeback. He always instilled a morale software for those youngsters who believe that a single injury is enough to end your career. He not only created a class if anyone talk about comeback in cricket but also created a separate identity for himself which itself talks about his class. Whether it be any format of game, he was equally fit for all the formats. Even the highly popular T-20 games which is assumed to be game of youngsters had to bow itself in front of Nehraji’s immense love for the game. His passion for the game was enough to tell everyone that age is just a number which resides unwillingly in our mind. Had it not be his immense will he wouldn’t have represented the country in this fastest form of game for almost eight years. At the time when cricket had taken shape of leagues as in the case of Baseball and Football; he remained one of the most demanded player during his whole career in the highly-popular Indian Premier League(IPL).

At the time when a lot of cricketers quit one or two formats of the game in order to focus on this lucrative format where there was immense showering of money he showed the true patriotism and dedication to cricket by deciding to hang his boots for forever like a true sportsman. There could be a lot of cricketers who will create new records and break the old ones, but perhaps we will not be able to get a cricketer like Nehraji who will be an inspiration for the generations to come and would be remembered as a fiery fighter.

Salute to you Nehraji from the entire The Policy Times!

We will miss you Nehraji!