Fifty Shades: From Grey to Darker

In the midst of nudity, sexuality and BDSM the most controversial movie of our age deciphers the various hidden aspects of life in a way worth-mentioning

Fifty Shades From Grey to Darker


It was not less than a miracle to be one of the bestsellers for a literary master-piece. This book has been subject to controversy and criticism. Amidst all these, the sales of ‘Fifty Shades series’ exceeded to more than 125 million and translated into 52 languages. If these figures were able to put E.L. James into the list of Forbes highest earning authors ($95 million) was a surprise, then the biggest surprise was the adaptation of the novel into a movie. The movie with the same name, Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan surprised the silver screen with its bold content.

Before the Movie

Already with the chance of reading the Fifty Shades series, I was very much familiar with its adult content. Just saying adult content would be injustice as it went far beyond covering the BDSM in a very open and explicit manner. As justifying with the words would engage a hell lot of nudity and if they refrain from it, would the Movie be able to depict the manuscript’s true meaning?

Screening of Movie

As the camera rolled into action the very first dialogue by Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), “I have always found that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” was enough to break all my misconceptions that it’s just going to be a movie containing nudity and sex. How beautifully the young billionaire revealed the secret of his glittering success in a single line when everybody wondered it as a matter of luck? As the camera rolled further, the words of Christian Grey, “I don’t do the girlfriend thing” was enough to enlighten me. It may seem a little weird, but once again his words reminded me of the teenagers busy in this girlfriend thing at the time when they should focus on their career and future prospects. How vividly this young billionaire repeatedly focused on his secrets of success as he says, “I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular” at the hotel?

Pace in Prodigality

As the scenes slid away the words of Kate (Eloise Mumford) which are actually a quote from Tess of the D’urbervilles by Thomas Hardy; “Ladies know what to guard against because they read novels that tell them of these tricks” was really inspiring. How beautifully she directed out our brain to the benefits of women’s education, which had helped us to fight against the atrocities on women? It was really mesmerizing to find the words of Anastasia Steele; (Dakota Johnson) to Kate when she says, “Odd doesn’t even cover it”. Even though we label anything as odd or even which goes against the wives, we cannot justify things which are a blot on our society as then we will not be saying, “You’re not fighting fair” as told by Ana. Really! It seems quite weird sometimes to find the women harnessing their positivity for undue benefits. Then only the words of caution by Kate to Ana, “Make sure you’re taking it at your own pace” not only seems meaningful, but also a torchbearer for the women taking a prodigal pace in life.

Forte of Fundamentals

If the first part of the Fifty Shades gave the various shades of success and women empowerment, the second part was enough to enthrall me with the words of Ana when she says. “Fundamental difference, I guess”. Indeed! Whenever we pay attention to our life we find that it’s the very basic fundamentals which are keeping us forward or making us lagging behind. At the time when even being a persistent failure in our life we have the habit of exaggerating ourselves with the words of Leila (Bella Heathcote), “I’m nobody” reminds me of the need of identifying our true identity. Obviously to fortify our identity, we need something very precise as Ana asks to Grey, “I am gonna need a road map”. I hardly care how people reacted when Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) says to Ana, “I just think if you are gonna fuck your way to prominence then you should do it with someone who can at least make you smarter. Not just richer”. Ah! Isn’t it important in our life that we calculate the parameter of prominence in life on the balance of our rich thought process instead of being crowded with the pieces of papers known as money? Really! Being lost in the midst of power, prominence and prodigality, it is never going to help us in our life. Even Ana, herself, says, “What happened to learning to walk before we run?” to Grey in his penthouse.

The Concluding Words

It may be one of the most controversial movies of our age, which had gone beyond our expectations and perceptions. But at the time when the common masses are feeling disillusioned as Grey says, “Because I am fifty shades of fucked up” with the various problems of life, I find it a torchbearer. A movie which has the capacity to impart knowledge on success, women empowerment and life as Grey says to the gathering “And something like that reminds us of what really matters”.