Forever is True – “A Conglomeration Of Customized Confusions”

The recent sequel of the highly impressive masterpiece “Forever Is a Lie” once again makes our thoughts hanging in fire with the dark realities with disastrous consequences being the by-product of our own complacence. Presenting to you Novoneel's second part of the spine-chilling thriller “Forever Is True”

Forever Is True - “A Conglomeration Of Customized Confusions”
Forever Is True - “A Conglomeration Of Customized Confusions”

If “Forever Is a Lie” took us on a roller-coaster ride of the various multitudes of the malignant modernity where as an individual we willingly or unwillingly become the prey of our choices, the sequel or second part of the masterpiece takes us on something more deeper. As the history repeats itself we are not only lured but immensely tempted to know the dark history of such a typical past of the earlier Mean Monster. The crafted story-teller of modern times once again put his hands on something which we even feel ashamed to discuss of. Indeed! It could be new to the Indian literature which still tries to wrap up in its’ so-called culture which even bluntly help it to mask but a heinous crime like Child Abuse which every single person would detest have already came under the radar of Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison who tried to bring such an heinous act in the form of her epic masterpiece “The Bluest Eye” even though instead of being taught to our children it have been banned from schools and libraries. Such a bold step to put the society under a social scanner can only be done by the the one and only Novoneel Chakraborty who have tried to raise awareness through his epic novel “Forever Is True”.

 Emotions Being Customized

 At the time when love seems to be advertised as the most serene emotions, it puts us an urgency to have a cross-check at the authenticity of our emotions. Are the emotions for which we are ready to lay our life are either worthed or still the value of these emotions need to be put under a scanner to realise its’ real value. Each and every characters including Saveer Rathod, Prisha, Zinnia, Gauri or even ‘Diggy’ who customize their emotions considering it love as the mysterious woman says “Its’ definition changes the way one thinks”. How much the thought-process play a pivotal role in the definition of love it could be analyzed from the fact that Prisha dumps her earlier boyfriend just for choosing another girl and indulges in a romantic liaison even after he almost kills her. How much our thought-process are detrimental in customizing our emotions it becomes crystal-clear when we heed attention to the words of Gauri, “We all carry the unfulfilled desires or the bottled-up grudges of our last relationships and unload them on the current ones. And many of us term this emotional relay race love.” Even being completely committed to Prisha, Saveer Rathod mentions Ishita her last love now and then.

 Mentoring Your Mistakes

 Do we really try to mentor our own mistakes which are responsible for our haunted past in most of the cases or ready to shatter our future? Had it been the case most of our upcoming problems cease to exist which could make our existence worthed? Gauri who already become the victim of a May-December relationship comes into a relationship with a guy younger than his age. The biggest irony is that “Diggy” whose name reveals in the second part as Digambar Sethia indulges himself into a May-December relationships even after the having a close watch to the consequences of such relationship of his own flatmates which eventually cost him his life. Or is it correct that, “Once you give in to love, I tell you, it can toy with your all maturity, mental and emotional poise and your decision-making ability”? Perhaps it may be partially true or untrue but once we realize such blunders its enough to give us a heart-ache as “Nobody talks about how long the postmortem of a relationship takes place within us”.

 The Postmortem Of Parenting

 Ya! Its quite easy to blame the demons who are accused of child abuse but don’t we try to ponder upon those factors which let these demons flourish? Doesn’t we feel a need to heed our attention to the postmortem of parenting? How could we? We have been well-fed from the very beginning that our parents are our guaranteed well-wishers. The masterpiece have very beautifully done the postmortem of the parenting with surgical precision. From the very beginning the author have showed us the carelessness we deliver in our parenting can be assessed that even Prisha’s don’t feel necessary to check her flatmates as they can’t allow a male no matter how harmless he may be? The indulgence of Gauri in a no-future relationship was the by-product of her careless parents as confessed by herself. Digambar who even being a boy in our patriarchal society is sidelined by his parents owing to his disease to such an extent that his parents don’t take his body to their hometown. Even the father of Prisha doesn’t find it necessary to cross-check the identity of professor even after such an almost fatal accident with their daughter. How much a person can lose his identity in the absence of the deserved care of the parents comes into the form of original Saveer Rathod who search recklessly for his identity till the end? Not only this lack of tutelage makes him a victim of severe child abuse but also put him on a path of a dastardly self-destruction. And at the time when we realise the parents’ realise their mistake its’ almost quite late as in the case of Rathod’s mother as original Saveer Rathod says Maybe she realized that she had committed the most heinous sin ever by snatching the childhood away from a child”.

 The Concluding Words

The masterpiece which comprises of two parts has the potential to have an absolute look to ourself along with the society as these things are present in our society from ages. May be the intensity would have decreased or increased but these things will be for forever. It depends upon our actions that we consider these fallacies as just a lie barring our own responsibilities or save ourself and our children considering it as true.