Future of Rohingyas: Prostitutes, Terrorism, Unplanned Population Influx, Rape Pregnancies

We foresee the future of Rohingyas exactly what you see in the heading unless the world and world’s superpowers don’t act responsibly and address the crisis. And the world is responsible for it. Witnessing their past record in handling the entire Rohingyas crisis, it is very unlikely to expect in future too

Future of Rohingyas Prostitutes, Terrorism, Unplanned Population Influx, Rape Pregnancies
Future of Rohingyas Prostitutes, Terrorism, Unplanned Population Influx, Rape Pregnancies

As of January 2018, around 1 million Rohingyas have either fled the country or persecuted. And when we talk about Rohingyas, the first thing that comes up in the mind is that they are refugees and how their basic needs are affected. But getting refuge is not the only problem they are facing. In the bigger picture, they are forced into doing much more careless business. Rohingyas refugee crisis is itself one of the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. But on the other hand, this crisis led to the formation of some other worst activities.

So, what are the other aspects of this refugee crisis? There are certain other aspects but forced prostitution, child trafficking, terrorism and rape pregnancies are the most important to focus upon. Women and children make up the majority of Rohingya Muslims who have fled the country and went to Bangladesh. International Organization for Migration reported that “Over 617,000 Rohingya refugees have settled in Cox’s Bazar since 25 August 2017, but exploitation of the Rohingya population in the district has been occurring since well before this most recent influx of people.”

Cox Bazar and Chittagong have become a hub of the sex trade and prostitution. Rohingya girls and women are promised for work as domestic helpers in Cox Bazar and Chittagong, end up in forced prostitution. The Policy Times had published an article on prostitution prevailing in Cox Bazar. The problem here, these kinds of acts are violating the basic human right of an individual.

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There will be a rapid growth of population in Bangladesh because of an influx of Rohingya Muslims. According to the Bangladeshi authorities, it is estimated that around 20,000 Rohingya women are pregnant and more than 600 had given birth since arrival. The ubiquitous narrative that Rohingya population is burgeoning has become the center of the debate. Bangladesh is planning to introduce Voluntary Sterilization in order to overcome the growing population of Rohingya Muslims in the camp.

Sexual violence has long been used as a weapon of war. The number of rape victims has not been reported officially but some reports claim that there are hundreds of rape cases among Rohingya. Human Right Watch quotes that Rape is a powerful tool of ethnic cleansing: it not only drives terrified victims from their homes but also makes them afraid to return. On one hand the impact of rape sexually transmitted disease and on the other hand, this rape indicates to the bigger narrative of rape pregnancies. What is happening to the Rohingya rape victims had been previously occurred with the Yazidi women in Iraq by the Islamic State and Boko Haram in Africa. They too faced rape, forced nudity, and sexual slavery.

Lastly, the most important thing to consider is the aftermath of Rohingya Muslims that are radicalization and terrorism. Newmandala.org has reported:

Rohingya cause has also featured prominently in the discourse of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its affiliates. As early as 2014, the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi listed Rakhine state as a critical place for the waging of jihad. In September 2017, Al-Qaeda (AQ) called for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Filipino Muslims to travel to Myanmar and wage jihad against the state. Indonesia’s Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), a radical organization infamous for inciting communal violence, urged fellow Muslims to wage jihad against Burmese Buddhists, in defense of the Rohingya.”

This shows that how terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are concerned over Rohingya exodus. By waging war against the state is the main discourse in this case. So this is one narrative, but the other narrative is the formation of terrorist within the Rohingya community. For example, the formation of ISIS is the blowback of what America had done to them. Disbanding the Saddam army and De-Bathifaction (economic breakdown) had led to the formation of the ISIS group.  The same situation of economic breakdown is with the Rohingya, they are economically weak and may get support from other terror groups in future.

So, there are many issues revolving around this exodus. Rohingyas are stateless and they are on the refuge. They should get proper shelter, food and basic supplies for the living. Majority of them are unemployed and illiterate. Since most of the refugees are women and children, many papers have reported that Rohingya women and children are falling prey to prostitution in Bangladesh. This is how societies legally produce prostitutes without making their hands dirty. You have read hundreds of articles, editorials, analysis, and documentaries on what has been happening Rohingyas and how the so-called world superpowers proudly neglected their responsibilities. This is perhaps one of the most heinous crimes and violation of human rights violations. Whatever the fatal fate you have seen of this Rohingyas, the worst is yet to come when you dare to foresee their future.