GEM Enviro Fights for a Greener & Safer environment

GEM is a Waste Management Agency (WMA) specializing in the collection and aggregation and recycling of all kinds of packaging waste and thus contributes towards a cleaner and greener environment.

GEM Enviro Fights for a Greener & Safer environment

Plastic materials provide us with many comforts in our day-to-day lives and employ close to 10 million people directly or indirectly. Plastics are certainly used by several industry sectors, for instance, agriculture, textiles, pharmaceuticals, automotive, infrastructure, and electronics. Unfortunately unsustainable use of plastic has started giving a lot of trouble and hence calls for scientific management of waste collection and recycling. Many startups and entrepreneurs came forward to fight this major battle and help Local Bodies (ULBs).

Mr. Sachin Sharma and his colleagues formed GEM Enviro Management to facilitate the recycling of all kinds of packaging waste. The company was started in 2013 and initiated into working for plastic waste collection and recycling on an Indian basis and providing end-to-end solutions for managing waste to the clients.

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GEM Enviro Management Pvt. Ltd. is a Waste Management Agency (WMA) with its headquarters based in Delhi. It is successfully running under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Sachin Sharma. The company offers WMA/PRO which facilitates the collection chain of all kinds of plastic waste such as PET, H.D.P.E., L.D.P.E, P.P., etc. for recycling and then marketing/promotion/selling of the recycled merchandise made from plastic wastes. It makes sure for a greener and safer environment for the present and future generations. GEM Enviro is backed by Ganesha Ecosphere Limited which is the largest PET recycling company in India with a turnover of USD 100 million for PET waste recycling, marketing, and branding of the recycled yarn.

GEM Enviro Fights for a Greener & Safer environmentThey work actively towards the goal of making people aware of sustainability and recycling of waste by organizing and, various awareness activities in schools, colleges, offices, residential groups housing societies, Rag-pickers colonies, etc. As a recycler, GEM Enviro is even indigenously developing Reverse Vending Machines and Hand Pressed Reverse Vending Machines which are installed at more than 25 locations presently all over the country. They are an active member of Industry organizations, producers & manufacturers of plastic packaging known as PACE (PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment).

In an interaction with Your Story, Mr. Sachin claims that on average, every household disposes about 20 bottles a month. Collectively, a society with 500 flats will generate 10,000 bottles. Thus, by using the reverse vending machines consumers can win rewards in the form of freebies and other incentives.

GEM fundamentally generates revenue from the sale of packaging scrap to recyclers and the sale of recycled merchandise to corporate entities. The platform has tied up with Ganesh Ecosphere, where it sells PET waste and gains a certain percentage of margin. After Ganesh Ecosphere churns out fiber from the PET waste, GEM buys the fiber and manufactures T-shirts, caps, and bags. The products range between Rs 250 and Rs 700.

Sachin Sharma, Director of GEM Recycling, one of the largest PET recycling companies in India, said, “The Indian recycle industry employs close to 10 million people, directly or indirectly. Since plastic, especially PET bottles attract high recycling price, it is one of the best ways of income generation for a variety of people attached to the industry from rag pickers to recyclers. We need to collectively address the real problems that are harming the environment – our irresponsible behavior manifesting as littering and an ineffective waste management system. We see Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) as the right solution for post-consumer use PET bottles collection to responsible recycling. A holistic approach and efforts by all in the value chain can help us implement the right system with support from the government and citizens.

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GEM Enviro Fights for a Greener & Safer environment
GEM is a Waste Management Agency (WMA) specializing in the collection and aggregation and recycling of all kinds of packaging waste and thus contributes towards a cleaner and greener environment.
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