Global Innovators and Start-up Series With Mr. Siddhesh Khanolker, Techno-commercial Lead for Enterprise Solutions of Netix Controls

The Netix Group is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company. Netix helps you see your building stock in a new light with the most advanced visualization tools available today.

Global Innovators and Start-up Series With Mr Siddhesh Khanolker, Techno-commercial Lead for Enterprise Solutions of Netix Controls

A smart city is a buzzword these days and there are a lot of new innovations and inventions that have come into making our cities smarter and now we have started talking about smart villages even. And these cities and villages are about providing the basic necessities with the help of advanced technology and other amenities. Helping these cities go smarter has been an initiative taken by various organizations, and Netix Control is one of them. And, in our last show, Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder Editor of The Policy Times, interviewed Mr. Siddhesh Khanolker, Techno-commercial Lead for Enterprise Solutions of Netix Controls.

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The Netix Group is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company. Netix helps you see your building stock in a new light with the most advanced visualization tools available today. It is an IoT and AI-driven advanced building automation systems provider. Their founders have teamed up to transform the way we see the technology world benefitting building automation and facility management.

Mr. Siddhesh kindly introduce yourself

I am the techno-commercial lead for enterprise solutions with Netix controls and I provide enterprise solutions majorly for smart cities and for the data center domain. I have done my engineering on electronics and telecommunications and since my college days I have been keen on learning machine language and artificial intelligence algorithms and I’ve done a lot of projects in that domain including the Mumbai University recognized the project for Weapon detection Alert system and analysis using machine learning. And having my interest in smart city projects, and I’ve further realized that India as a smart city market has been growing exponentially. So this is where we as Netix controls we have our own software and systems and solutions regarding smart cities and regarding the data center domain.

As Netix control is an integrated command and control center system, so can you tell us a little bit about your latest products and services and how unique are they from the others?

So talking about Integrated Command and Control Centre(ICCC), as mentioned smart cities have their core as ICCC, which in simple words is something that revolves around people and people are who make cities smarter, so ICCC is an integrated platform wherein all these solutions and all the products that function in a city are integrated and managed together on a single sign-on window, so we with our Netix connect platform we have our ICCC which is called as the IICCC that is intelligent and integrated command and control center. So it is basically a cognitive platform for centralized and unified management of all the city data and of all the city systems, subsystems that are consisting inside a city. And what makes ICCC smart is AID, Analyse Integrated Data which means that our system makes it very much easier for controlling all the complex solutions and subsystems that are there inside a city or rather inside a smart city which in turn provides efficient analytics, it provides insights, provides assumptions to the customers using our advanced artificial intelligence, machine language algorithms and database handling.

Making ourselves mark unique from the others is not just about having the ICCC platform but apart from that we also connect to the intelligence and integrated building management systems and under this domain we provide various other products along with our group companies that are the PA system, Public Address System and the voice alarm system, then the fire detection system and alarm system, the building management systems, the access control system in the Security domain, the CCTV systems, the VMS systems i.e., the Video Management Software, the Video analytics systems, coming to the safety protection part the fire separation system. We also provide water leak detection and rodent replant systems. So, all in one, we provide a connected environment and providing all these solutions and products that are required in a smart city and we provide design support for all these solutions and we provide it from the planning stage to the blueprint of the smart city till the complete installation, execution and the implementation of the whole smart city as such. As a whole, we make it sure that the customer has to rely on your one entity for all these solutions as such. Regarding all these solutions we are also complied with the various rules and regulations, like the building standards, cybersecurity standards like the ISS standards. The IES standards, the NIST protocols, and the building standards like the NBC, the NFPH standards, and we strictly stick to all these rules. Our platform provides integration for the third party systems as well, such as the big systems like the cloud integration, the database integration, the web servers, the application server platforms and all these can be done from our ICCC platform using the edge gateway so we are very much promoting in the edge gateway and IoT enabled systems.

What is your global expansion plan, how do you want to reach out to other parts of the world and governments who are planning to come up with smart cities?

Talking about global expansions we have recently set up our office in Singapore and we have appointed the International Business Development Director who is heading with his own team in Singapore and about other global expansions we will be very soon launching our office in Sri Lanka in Colombo and we are also having plans in expanding our business in Mongolia and Bangladesh. We are currently having the center of innovation and engineering platform in our office premises in India and from here we have expanded our business by providing support, training, and demonstrations to our customers not only in India but all over the globe.

Have you brought in any other innovation or any product that you have added to your list?

Talking about innovations we are focused on providing customer-specific solutions, we are not just providing point solutions to the customers but we are very keen on providing bespoke solutions to the customers which ensure that the customers’ requirements are met and that we address the necessities of the customer sitting with the government officials, with the customers, by planning the whole project from the design stage to the blueprint to the complete execution and implementation of the whole projects. These are the plans that we have with us and talking about innovations with this we are very soon launching our partner program that we proudly call the Netix Novus Partner Program and this program is going to be launched on September 1, 2021, at the very iconic Burj Khalifa and it is going to be attended by more than 1000 attendees and it will be broadcasted in more than 20 countries. So, this program is basically called the Brownfield Revolution, and these are the sectors in which the customers face difficulties in systems, as they are not properly being maintained by the customers, so the customers face problems in various ways and this is where our Netix partner program comes into play and we hold our grounds very strong in this and we provide them an open protocol wherein we provide our customers with open system and we make this system open for them which in turn allows them to access the systems properly to service those systems and it also reduces the maintenance contract cost.

So, being a successful young entrepreneur any major challenge and opportunity do you see in Post-pandemic?

We as a team believe that wherever there are challenges there are opportunities as well, and it might look like a challenge in the technology sector but it is an opportunity to us because post-pandemic the whole world has moved towards an IoT enabled world, more of a digital world, and the Indian smart city and Indian ICCC market is the perfect example of this. It might look like that this is not the time for technological advances in India because the whole globe is towards stabilizing the economy but if looked through a different perspective, we will see that the whole world is leaning towards a digital market or specifically towards an IoT enabled market. So this is where there are tons and tons of opportunities in India in this domain. One challenge that I face in this domain is the energy-saving domain, where energy saving is a very vital challenge in today’s era, but here also we try to see this sector as an opportunity because we provide energy analytics and the energy management systems with our measuring and verification initiatives with the government officials and the ESCO companies. One of the biggest challenges faced is the mindset of legacy brands, but this is also to some extent an opportunity for us, so this legacy system is locked at the very top end, and as we work on open systems and in this lock system software it causes problems involving the security risks and it does not receive proper updates, proper patches to address the security vulnerabilities and as result, it ends up compromising their entire network security.

As the whole world is being digitalized we as Netix Control have come up with our very own digital industry platform wherein we are uniting both IT and OT worlds, and we are providing software and hardware where a centralized platform can be provided to the customer where the efficient management and quick retrieval of crucial data can be done from our end.

The session was chaired and mentored Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman Unleashing India, Global Smart City Panel, and MTGF, where he said that Netix Control is an organization that is leaving a lot of global footprints, and in the most important field of control and communication, which specifically needs all the sectors together, because without it there will be no smart city, no communication, everything will be in bits and pieces. And from Siddhesh’s presentation, it is clear that they have gone from a city to a megacity level to the smallest village level as well which means that the market is absolutely on a huge and very good footing. And having an entrepreneur like him will always lead the organization in a different dimension. Having all these they will surely have good success and they would surely go global but they should also have ensured that their footprint in India is very strong and India is a very good point where best of the technologies are evolved, developed, tested and also implemented which would give them a solid base for a global expansion and gradually this company will surely become a very good multinational company.

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Mr. Siddhesh Khanolker

Techno- Commercial Lead for Enterprise

Solution NETIX Controls

M: +91 9987675819


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Global Innovators and Start-up Series With Mr. Siddhesh Khanolker, Techno-commercial Lead for Enterprise Solutions of Netix Controls
The Netix Group is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company. Netix helps you see your building stock in a new light with the most advanced visualization tools available today.
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