Global Start-Up and Innovation Series: Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Malini subrahmaniam, CMD of Synergy Images

24 years of experienced service offer with state-of-the art creative technical web based or portal solution from Synergy mages Pvt. Ltd., an organization passionately contributing positively to the education sector of India.

Global Start-Up and Innovation Series: Exclusive Interview with with Mrs. Malini Subhramanyam, CMD of Synergy Images the policy times

The Policy Times in an endeavour to shed light to the unique innovation, entrepreneurs and start-ups of India to the forefront of global attention initiated “Global Start-Up and Innovation Series”. This initiative highlights some innovative people with uniquely creative contribution to the society and community at  large. In the latest session Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder-Editor of The Policy Times had an exclusive interview with  Mrs. Malini subrahmaniam, Chairman & Managing Director, Synergy Images Pvt. Ltd., a company which provides dynamic and creative technical services especially on e-learning, a predominant global trend of recent time.

Mrs. Malini subrahmaniam had a diverse professional experience of more than two decades varying from manager , teacher, creative  professional to journalism and now  CMD of Synergy Images. Her diverse experience has enabled her for some uniquely creative solution to the education sector especially.

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Mrs. Malini if you could please give a brief introduction in terms of your experience and services?

I currently head Synergy images ,a company based out of Bangalore providing  creative technical service to education sector among others. I believe education is a continuous process which should not be hindered by anything and our company provides cost-effective platform for educators and trainers from academia as well as extra-curricular  and corporate field.  I have 24 years of experience in providing educational services.

Mrs. Malini in your introductory remark you stated that your company provides ‘creative technical services’ .Can you please elaborate on that?

We have a team of professional both from creative and technical background and they work in tandem to produce some mind-blowing solutions to our customers.

Our services include comprehensive web based or portal solution for Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Content Management System(LCMS) along with backend support to execute and manage web operation of our customers. Meaning we give exclusive and private web platform for individual trainers or instructor or an institution along with exclusive institutional instructional content. Currently due to the pandemic many people want to shift their operation online and we bring cost-effective seamless interaction platform for people of varied background from education to extra-curricular to corporate sector.

We also provide dynamic instructional design for e-learning through CMS and exclusive institutional instruction content for education management through LCMS along with rich media collaboration and platform customization. We have skilled resource pool to bring best of the solution for our customers with a range of latest different tools and ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) model of work.

We have subscription based e-learning content for self-directed study specially designed for students which is suited to attracting micro-learning along with online assessment to assess learning outcome. Our service also include certified corporate training and certified teachers training program to establish virtual teaching proficiency.

We also bring unique data privacy for data storage in the web portal we serve to our customers.

I am proud to say we have 100 % customer satisfaction and 75% old customer retention and quite a few shining customers appreciation for our training program and uniquely designed content.

Mrs. Malini your work in last 24n years is certainly inspiringly creative and motivating and you have quite a lot of big clientele from IBM to Ford to Pfizer. What is your collaboration message to potential stakeholder from different sectors?

Our service is varied and we could explore collaboration opportunity from different aspects suitable to mutual benefit. We are looking for like-minded investors who will understand the importance and versatile nature of our service. Our service is not limited to any geographical distance as it is complete online service. Our virtual learning content is 80% similar to central or state education boards and it can be modelled further as per requirement and to any language preferred  and that makes it suitable to the whole country as well as the world beyond.

What is your future expansion plan?

We want to venture from academic content to different skillsets training programs online and a virtual school to specially engage little children for learning .Learning is a continuous process and everyone has the right to learning and we want to be part of the process to bring learning opportunity to everyone especially economically unfortunate group.

Your message to the audience?

Learning is a continuous process and we want absolute cooperation and collaboration of educators across the world to bring scalable virtual learning opportunity for all.

Mr. Naresh ,Head of Operation ,Synergy Images added his input to the organizations passionate dedication to continue positive contribution in the education sector to uninterrupted teaching and learning for people and institution.

Mr. Biswanath another representative of Synergy Images ensured their service to the education sector worldwide as their vision and mission.

This initiative is chaired and mentored by Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman Unleashing India & Global Smart City Panel, MTGF.

Dr. Sekhar concluded with a comprehensive overview for the innovator and her service. The virtual and dynamic nature of Mrs. Malini’s service has ensured scalability of her business and further availability and documentation of the system could groom the comprehensive nature of her service along with circulating  skilled talent pool for teaching.

For further details the innovator Mrs. Malini S can be contacted on the address below

M: +919845039550


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Global Start-Up and Innovation Series: Exclusive Interview with with Mrs. Malini subrahmaniam, CMD of Synergy Images
24 years of experienced service offer with state-of-the art creative technical web based or portal solution from Synergy mages Pvt. Ltd., an organization passionately contributing positively to the education sector of India.
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