Where is God when a 8-Month Old Baby is Raped?

We adore God as Creator, Omnipresent, Supernatural, Almighty and use many such superlatives. When human fails to stop extreme heinous crimes like a 8-month old baby being brutally raped, why God fails too?

Where is God when a 8-Month Old Baby is Raped?
Where is God when a 8-Month Old Baby is Raped?

Krishna waged Mahabharata for Draupadi Vastraharan. We are living in an age, where rape, torture, killing are small crimes and we accept that these are collective failures of people, governments and society. However, there are certain heinous crimes which deserves no mercy. And when human fail to stop them, we expect the God Almighty to interfere. Well, there are justification that He comes in rescue when He feels necessary but then there are certain inhuman and unpardonable crimes where and when God must come in rescue when human fails. We say God is Omnipresent, then why He is not there when a 8-month innocent baby is brutally raped. If he wills, He could stop a crime in a fraction of second. What justified Him not stopping such a crime!

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Each rape is a heinous crime. One incident of a rape case is a collective failure of society. But God is above society and when society fails, God has to come in rescue. Let us see some of the unpardonable rape crimes which will make you ashamed of being a human after knowing about them –

May 6, 2017: 3-year old girl was raped by a 22-year old neighbour in Delhi’s Ananad Parbat area

May 8, 2017: 16-year old girl was dragged to rape by her own mother so that the two men could take turn

May 10, 2017: 5-year old deaf and dumb girl was raped by 24 year old man in Varanasi

May 110, 2017: 21-Month old baby was raped by a 40-year old man

May 14, 2017: 20-year old woman was gang-raped and killed by a jilted lover and his friend in Rohtak alongwith smashing her face with brick

May 15, 2017: 22-year old Sikkim woman was gang-raped in a moving car by 3 men and later thrown out of the car

These heinous crimes which happened last year happened in a row of days is just a glimpse of the failures of the Almighty. Why is He so toothless that He can’t even save the life of these innocent little girls who were completely helpless? Where was He when the dignity of these girls were ruined mercilessly by these crook lecherous demons? How much we mere mortals are idiotic in nature that we claim the system, police, justice, government but we do not even raise a finger towards him which we adore to such an extent that we worship him and secure big buildings so that He can rest there without any disturbance? Where is God? Why we need to understand such an impotent object which have not the guts to wipe the tears of an infant when she is brutally raped by some lecherous wolves? Every religion talks about the kindness of this God which are showered on us through various means then which kindness this God showers on the rape victims which happens in our country on a daily basis. Or He is so much lazy that He hardly cares that is anyone even in agony or in acute pain? Indeed! Even a person having a basic sensibility can’t do this then how could someone whom we label as God be so much insensitive that He would leave his children in such a hell. Ya! These religions could boast of Doomsday because whom we consider as the Creator is busy in his own affairs so much that people are bound to rot in an avernus. Some scholar have aptly said, “God is an idea created by men for political reasons.” Can we humbly ask “Where is God?