Google and Facebook know a lot about you!

With data protection being a major concern after the Cambridge Analytica scandal people are starting to understand what they should be careful about. The Policy Times helps you understand what privacy of yours is shared with the two biggest websites Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook know a lot about you
Google and Facebook know a lot about you!

The first important privacy which they should not have access to is Your location when you wake up, during the day and the time you sleep. Google Maps pinpoints your location if you keep your location on in your mobile phone. That is if your GPS is ‘on’ it can capture your exact location. What is recommended is to turn off your location and keep it on only while using Google Maps or any other Map software. Unless you want Google to know where you are.

Think your history is not visible anymore

Google keeps your search history long after it is being deleted from the history tab. This can be deleted by accessing  where you will notice all your search history from the beginning of time is available.

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Google and Facebook both give the option of downloading data it stores about you, so does not that mean anyone can buy it from them too.

Facebook knows your likes and dislikes, your whereabouts, who your friends are, where you studied, where you worked. Is that not threatening especially to your private life. Try to avoid personal information being spread on Facebook, those quizzes are just getting information!

Google and Facebook have been very helpful in the modernization of the world. The Policy Times is grateful to the creators of both these companies, but the privacy issues need to be looked into. With the brains and stature of Google and Facebook, it won’t be surprising if they come up with great solutions. At the end of the day it is people-centric, and so they have to keep it safe.