Google Pixel 3: A ‘Notch’ up and Photographers Paradise

Google started its line of smartphones in the year 2016 with its first launch Google Pixel. Pixel was launched in collaboration with HTC where HTC chipped in some prominent Google features.


In the latest Google event, Google launched many of its products like the Google Home Hub, Google Buds 2, Google Pixel Stand. Google Stand is a type of wireless charging device for Google Pixel smartphones. Google Pixel Slate was also an eye-catching product launched in the event and stands in direct competition with Apple iPad.

The product which grabbed everyone’s attention was the new Google Pixel 3 and 3XL. It’s an upgrade from Google’s last year release Google Pixel 2.

Google started its line of smartphones in the year 2016 with its first launch Google Pixel. Pixel was launched in collaboration with HTC where HTC chipped in some prominent Google features. Google first phone didn’t get much success among the users and next year its successor Pixel 2 was launched which was the best camera phone of 2017. But the phone was deficient in some areas of the top of the line devices. This year Google unveiled its latest ascension in the Pixel line up Google Pixel 3.

Nowadays, Smartphone users don’t look into the company’s concept behind the phone but just look at the specifications and decide which phone to buy. Therefore, Google, this time, launched its device according to the user’s specifications. When the phone was yet to be launched there were leaked rumors about the device’s looks and specifications the company would be packing it with.

This year Google has worked in every area of its device and tried to make it as premium as possible, and fortunately, the limit was achieved by the company. The latest Pixel 3 and 3XL has not only the best camera among all the smartphones but an alluring design.

Design & Hardware

The build quality and material used in the device is high-end. Ergonomics of a device is an essential part and it marks the standard. Here, Google has done their job very efficiently and carved out a luxurious device. The flagship has been well protected by an aluminum frame. The phone is also featuring ‘Glass window’ (a glass cut out on the back for wireless charging) on the back of the device which also Google’s mark.

It is not just a simple glass back but it has been given a matte finish to protect it from fingerprint impressions. The back is very smooth to touch due to the silky matte material. The glass is protected with a level 5 protection of Corning Gorilla i.e. Gorilla Glass 5. Pixel 3XL comes with the trending on-screen design, the notch which is not present in Pixel 3. But, this notch hasn’t been well design and looks quite big on the phone and the bezels are also not very slim. The screen to body ration in Pixel 3XL is approx. 82.8% and in Pixel 3 approx. 77.2%. The phone is very light weighted and has IP certified ratings for dust and water resistance which IP68.

Camera & Display

The camera on the phone is a thing that no other phone can beat. It will be a delight for people who love photography but the secondary camera is the talk of the town about the device. Here, the company has done major up-gradation. It is for the first time Google has come up with the dual camera set-up. These lenses are an 8-megapixel shooter where one is a wide-angle lens for fitting-in more people in selfie photographs. The camera offers many in-built features which can be quite helpful during photo sessions.

The quality and detailing captured in the photographs taken by both Pixel phones are superb. It gives the viewer the minutest of the details and it is made possible because of the screen and pixel density. Google has used the OLED screen for better viewing angles and power saving.

Through it, the pictures will be able to display true blacks and contrast in the pictures. The pixel density is very well defined in both Pixel 3 and 3XL and comes with 443ppi and 523ppi respectively. Pixel 3 comes with 5.5inches of screen size and Pixel 3XL comes with 6.3inches of screen size. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection is there for accidental falls and slips. The resolution in both the phones is Ultra HD.

Battery & Performance

Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset has been assembled in the device’s software module with Adreno 630 for high-end multimedia and graphics processing. This assembly will give the user a buttery smooth user experience with zero lags. It will gracefully pass through every test and no frame drops will be experienced at the highest resolution in gaming no matter what game one plays. The device comes in two variants i.e. 4GB/64GB and 4GB/128GB. The User Interface (UI) used in the device is stock android and assimilates all processes and functions Google. The Pixel comes packed with the latest android version 9.0 (Android Pie) and offers all the features. The octa-core processing of the phone results in flawless functionality and like every stock android phone; it doesn’t come with any pre-installed apps.

The phone performs fast charging and gives a 7-hour usage with a 15 minutes top-up. Pixel 3 comes with 2915mAh battery and Pixel 3XL with 3430mAh battery. The phone has a Type-C port with no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Last words

Google has done quite an upgrade with its latest device. It has made its device more premium and camera more amazing. The in-hand feel of the phone is fabulous and packs everything for making the user experience flawless and fabulous. One of the best features of the phone is the calling feature which helps the user from getting to know who is calling and for what purpose that person is calling. One can enable this feature by touching the option before answering the call and from there android assistant takes the call and asks preliminary questions from the caller. The answer of the caller is displayed as text on the screen for the user to know what the call is about.

Google Pixel 3: A ‘Notch’ up and Photographers Paradise
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Google Pixel 3: A ‘Notch’ up and Photographers Paradise
Google started its line of smartphones in the year 2016 with its first launch Google Pixel. Pixel was launched in collaboration with HTC where HTC chipped in some prominent Google features.
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