Google’s Malpractices- Deliberate or Innocent?

India imposed Rs. 136 Crore on Google for abuse of power in the Internet space. This is a major setback for a company who has been dominating the Internet search engine space for over a decade.

Google’s Malpractices- Deliberate or Innocent

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) found Google abusing its dominant power according to competition policies and hence slapped a fine of Rs 136 Crore.

The Competition Commission of India is a statutory body of the Government of India who is responsible for enforcing The Competition Act, 2002. This body ensures activities of effects on competition are not activated upon, and helps maintain a more business competitive environment in a large country like India. This ensures that monopolization of such activities don’t take place.

There was a 190 page order from the CCI which said-

“Google was found to be indulging in practices of search bias and by doing so, it causes harm to its competitors as well as to users.”

Now what seems confusing is, Google spokesmen have confirmed that they have not misused its power, and has clearly maintained following the Competition Act  of 2002. The CCI has found that Google has put up its own commercial flight search function at the top compared to the disadvantage of other businesses promoting commercial flights.

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However whether it is clear is still to be found, as the European Commission imposed a record 2.4 billion Euro on Google last year for favoring its shopping service and demoting rival offerings. This gives two sides of the coin, and Google being a company in the Internet field could be involved in these activities without realizing.

The main questions of the matter are-

  • Are companies trying to take advantage of Google’s prominence by threatening them?
  • Is Google carrying out monopolization activities deliberately?

The Internet is a huge field with many companies and customers, and has advanced since 2002. The laws pertaining to competition in the Internet and digital sphere needs to be updated as there seems to be a loophole which either company doesn’t realize are being broken and certain companies trying to take advantage of the lapse in update.

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