Green-Growth through Envir. Compliance

This is a welcome step towards facilitating industries and the environment go hand in hand.

Green-Growth through Envir. Compliance

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has released a ‘Criteria/Methodology for Rating of SEIAAs.’ Through the PARIVESH portal, the full EC procedure has been put online. As a result of these activities, the average time needed to award an EC has decreased significantly, from 105 days to about 75 days, as opposed to the 105 days stipulated in the EIA Notification 2006.

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This is a welcome step towards facilitating industries and the environment go hand in hand. This will help in expeditious decision making for approval/rejection of projects for the issue of Environment Clearance in absence of which the projects have been kept in abeyance for long causing loss to Environment & Economy/ Industries. More such initiatives should be taken by Ministry for making India Self Reliant.

  • As India takes strides in economic progress to occupy a prominent global place as a developed nation, the Corporate Sector has assumed a critical role in the development process. All developmental activities strain the natural resources and environment. It is the responsibility of the industrial sector to pay special attention to the associated depletion of the environment and natural resources.
  • An efficient EEOHS management system aims to minimize and continually reduce the incidence of occupational injuries and illnesses, and to integrate safe working practices into all areas of the commercial organization.Green-Growth through Envir. Compliance
  • Organizations in the energy sector are increasingly realizing the need for more effective and efficient management of EEOHS issues.
  • The security factor is also all-pervading in various activities of a commercial setup. Security of men, materials, equipment and information cannot be Promoting EEOHS awareness would also assist in obtaining faster and easier Environment Clearance (EC) for industrial projects.
  • To provide the interface between industry-government environmental authorities (Central and States) and experts in the field of Environment Clearance (EC).
  • Standardizing of techniques for surveillance, monitoring, and control of occupational hazards from noise, dust, gases, and poor illumination.
  • Expand and build capabilities through the exchange of information on research & best practices.
  • To provide a useful forum to academicians, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers for the exchange of concepts and emerging technologies in the fields of EEOHS

On sustainability, we believe in a policy framework for transitioning towards decarbonization- wherein high taxation could be taken for high carbon products and vice versa. Industry must be incentivized to transition to low carbon products; production of renewable energy products should be rewarded and for hydrogen must be grown as an alternative fuel, companies must be given with required investment allowance for investing in installing electrolyzers.


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Green-Growth through Envir. Compliance
This is a welcome step towards facilitating industries and the environment go hand in hand.
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