Hamdard National Foundation’s Contribution towards Women Empowerment Is an Appraisable Move

Hamdard national foundation India (HECA) - the charitable wing of the famous Hamdard family is silently and consistently working towards helping the needy section of the society. It has recently given financial assistance and distributed sewing machines to widows and needy women.


The post lockdown situation in the country is worsening day by day. Women and children are suffering more due to the economic crisis in families. Thus, in a bid to control the situation, Hamdard National Foundation India (HECA) has introduced a few schemes for women that would help them become strong financially. They are giving out pension/financial assistance to the needy, poor, and widowed women and also distributing sewing machines to the ones who require it at free of cost. This move is indeed appraisable.

Women are Going to Get Benefits out of the latest Scheme by HNF

The latest two schemes announced by HNF are basically to give women a boost in their finances post the lockdown period. The first scheme is for the women who are poor, needy, or widowed. They will be given financial assistance for one year after successful filling up of the form. The second scheme is for the women who want to learn sewing. They will be given one-month tailoring training by the Business and Employment Bureau and thereafter given sewing machines at free of cost.

The Procedure to Get the Benefits

Those who want to get these benefits can get the form from the office of OSD, HNF on all working days starting from 1st February. You can collect the form from 11 AM to 3 PM till 15th February, the last day of the collection of the forms. The withdrawal of the form and the submission will both be done at the Hamdard national foundation office at New Delhi’s Connaught Place. You can submit the duly filled form any day till 15th February.

Huge Turnover on Each Day of the Distribution of the Form

On each day of the distribution of the form, starting from Feb 1, the turnover of women from across the state has been invincible. Most of these women are needy and of poor background who shall be benefitted through these schemes. On 4th February, the total widow pension form distributed was approximately 170 whereas the sewing machine form distributed was approximately 180. Not only are the forms being distributed in large numbers but they are also returned deliberately by the women. The number of widow pension forms returned on Feb 4th is 24 whereas the sewing machine form returned is 7 as on 4th February. Still, there are 10-11 more days to go and the total number of forms distributed shall be huge as expected by HNF officials.

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Hamdard National Foundation’s Contribution towards Women Empowerment Is an Appraisable Move
Hamdard national foundation- an Islamic non-profit social organization that is working towards helping the needy section of the society irrespective of caste, creed, and religion has introduced latest schemes where it targets the needy women.
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