Has Facebook Lost its Hex?

The giant social networking family reported another outage in less than a month.

Has Facebook Lost its Hex? the policy times

The Facebook family experienced another outage within a month. Facebook-owned Instagram also went down for millions of users for a couple of hours across the world early on Friday morning.

The second shut down

This outage was observed as the second one in less than a month for the social networking giant.  The outage appeared to affect Facebook’s internal websites. Along with the Facebook messenger and the dashboard also reported an outage. Earlier today, a technical issue caused people to have trouble accessing some Facebook services. We resolved this issue for everyone, and we apologize for any inconvenience,” Facebook had said in a statement.  Instagram tweeted: “Some people were having issues with their Instagram accounts earlier, but we’re back now. The issue’s been fixed and we’re sorry for the trouble”.

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The black days

On March 19, Facebook and its family of apps like WhatsApp and Instagram recovered from a major global outage caused by a technical issue. Nearly, 1 lakh users tracked the outage using the outage tracker DownDetector and reported 25,000 issues with Whats App. In July last year, millions of users worldwide, including in India, were left clueless when Facebook and its family of apps including WhatsApp and photo-sharing platform Instagram suffered a global outage.

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • With huge traffic logging into FB and Instagram, the outages have disturbed the global economy tremendously. They have been problematic for marketers who rely on the Facebook platform to prosper their business. The social media family needs to augment its tools and identify its shortcomings to avoid such frequent outages and be held responsible for the declining economy.
  • Instead of introducing new features, the tech firm must focus on fixing its outage issues, run a bunch of bugs, and fix its network configurations to avoid breaches.
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Has Facebook Lost its Hex?
The giant social networking family reported another outage in less than a month.
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