Haven – The app for Freedom of Speech

Edward Snowden the American computer professional, former CIA employee and former contractor for USA government has come up with an application called Haven. This application promises to physically guard you and your phone against your enemies and spies.

Haven - The app for Freedom of Speech
Haven - The app for Freedom of Speech

What if you want your smartphone, to become a tiny security system to protect not just the mobile phone but you yourself. The application called Haven, available on Android uses the built in sensors of the phone to track sudden changes in the environment around it. For example Haven will use your camera for motion, recorder for sounds and even sensor if the mobile phone was picked up.

This type of application is ideal for journalists who have hardcore information which cannot be shared. Further to this it will keep your data safe and sound, whether it be your financial information or information about a competitor in your business. Many a times applications have been developed for internal attacks, but this is the first for attacks done physically on your mobile phone.

Lets take a look at how Haven works-

You want your hotel safe to be saved from physical use in your hotel room. So you set up your mobile phone installed with Haven inside it. If someone opens the safe, the phones light meter will detect it, which leads to the microphone being activated to listen to the noises. The camera will even snapshot a picture. This as a result sends notifications and recordings to your main mobile phone which hence gives an alert for such activities.

Guardian Project founder, Nate Freitas who is also part of the application development said

“The most powerful, secure and private baby monitor system ever.”

This indicates Haven has got multipurposes such as monitoring babies when you are not at home or when a baby is sleeping in the night in the room.

Along with Guardian Project and Edward Snowden, the Freedom of the Press Foundation is also part of this application. The Freedom of the Press Foundation will use Haven to help the number of social activists that have been assisanated in countries like Columbia due to their freedom of speech.