HEADLINES – 7th June 2018

Todays Headline


  • The Games of Global Trade War – US Lands the Historical First Punch on China

The world witnessed the commencement of history’s biggest trade war between the US and China with the US taking a long shot, $34 billion of duties on Chinese imports. China has placed its own countermeasures. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters that trade war was not the solution. China’s Ministry of Commerce in a statement said it had no choice but to strike back as it had to defend national interests and the interests of its people. US President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs to protect American industries.

  • 10 Years Imprisonment for Nawaz Sharif in Corruption Case

The Verdict of 10 years imprisonment came as a surprise for former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He had been alleged to own four luxury flats in London’s posh Avenfield House, which were beyond his income. His daughter, Maryam was handed down seven years imprisonment for abetting crime and one year for not cooperating. Both received fines, £8 million and £2 million respectively. In 2015, the Panama Papers leaks revealed Sharif and his children’s names having links with offshore companies. The verdict came after a series of delays.

  • Mexico – 24 Killed in Fireworks Warehouse Blast

24 people have been killed and 40 injured including four fire-fighters, five police officers and a minor in a series of blasts at a fireworks warehouse in Mexico. President Enrique Pena Nieto assured the local artisans of help. Media reports say four workshops were destroyed. Fireworks explosions are no new in Mexico. In 2016, a similar incident left 42 dead and 70 injured.


  • SC: CJI is Master of Roster

The SC upheld the CJI as the ‘Master of Roster’ to allocate cases to fellow judges. This judgment came after former Union Law Minister Shanti Bhushan filed a petition to have a collegium of SC judges. SC watchers say that this is the third time in eight months whereby the SC declared the CJI as the ‘Master of Roster. Earlier, the CJI Dipak Misra had faced criticism for assigning cases of national importance to selected judges. The SC further stated that the CJI should possess the skills of balance and independence of mind amongst others.

  • Odisha Government Seeks Explanation for Governor’s Rs46 lakh Haryana Trip

The Odisha Government wants its Governor to explain the Rs46 lakh Haryana trip. Two separate invoices have been revealed, the first one for a chartered jet for a round trip to Delhi and second, Sirsa via a helicopter. The Odisha Government wants to know what made its Governor hire the helicopter and whether prior approval had been taken.

  • Bollywood Actress Suffering from Metastatic Cancer

Actress Sonali Bendre is seeking treatment in New York for metastatic cancer. Medically defined, Sonali is suffering from cancer that has spread to a different part of her body from where it started. It is also described as a ‘stage 4 cancer’. Metastases occur when the cancer cells break away from the main tumour and enter the bloodstream. The actress is hanging strong and is being supported by her friends and family. Sonali Bendre was a co-judge on a TV reality show, India’s Best Dramebaaz.