Health issues to the Night Owls

Are you a night owl, and prefer working in the night time? Or does your job keep shifting you to night time shifts? Health reports suggest working late at night can have detrimental effects on your body and health.

Health issues to the Night Owls
Health issues to the Night Owls

The graveyard shift is what people call night time work, and it sounds just about right. Night time shifts and working late at night can help you reach the graveyard sooner than you think. Occupations such as doctors and nurses, in the medical field have battled these health problems for years. Industrial countries have a workforce of 7 to 15% who are engaged in night work.

Links have even been made by the World Health Organization, classifying cancer due to night time work. This is because of disruptions of circadian rhythms. For the less medical term friendly person this means the body clock of an individual is affected. Hence timings are not proper and timings of eating and sleeping keep changing and affect the health.

The internal biological clock is set to the exposure of the light and dark factors. Stress is exposed when working late at night, as it becomes a fight or flight situation, where adrenaline glands are fully simulated. Threat increases when its night time and pulses go into full overwork mode. This can’t be good! The full time work can lead to heart attacks and various other cardiovascular diseases.

The abnormal timings of eating, can affect sugar levels which means type 2 diabetes. No more sweets for you after that imagine a life with no ice creams and chocolates!

Companies need to be aware of these health problems, as their employee’s productivity reduces and health problems can lead to employee’s filings action against their employers.

What can be done by institutions such as Police officers on night duty and the helpful nurses that work at night? Provide appropriate nutrition that will help combat diseases such as diabetes. Ample amount of nutritious food should be available late at nights, at all times.

At the end of the day, governments will need to imply certain laws so that companies adhere to fixing the problems associated with night time work.