The Heart Of A Dog: Stark Verisimilitude Of Sarcasm

Even after being the victim of power and politics this literary masterpiece still holds its’ potential through its biting sarcasm even after almost published a century ago.

The Heart Of A Dog: Stark Verisimilitude Of Sarcasm
The Heart Of A Dog: Stark Verisimilitude Of Sarcasm

Since our childhood, we have been accustomed to the presence of animals either in a fairy tale or the moral chapters, which we are supposed to learn so that we can grow as a good human being. At the same time who could ever forget the character of “Sharik” who even after being just a dog transformed the whole world through his fearless behaviour which like humans is under the shadow of power and politics. With every passing phase in the human civilization, either we are condemned by the present power or we are overshadowed by our own beliefs having been rooted us since ages. How much the present power tries to subdue the voices against itself is quite evident from the fact that not only the literary masterpiece got rejected for publication in 1925 under the influence of some influential people but its copies were confiscated by the secret police? (The copies were regained later on the intervention of Maxim Gorky). It is painful to know that the paragon which became a cultural phenomenon in its parent country, Russia, got published there only in 1987 almost after more than 60 years. The masterpiece that have not only been a literary prodigy, but was also adopted as play, opera and a film across the world, including Hollywood. To create such a biting sarcasm after going through such turmoil of power and politics was under the capability of one and only genius whose name will always be adored with golden letters in the history of literature is none other than “Mikhail Bulgakov”.

The Irony of Proletariat

How much the common people who are always regarded as par with everyone in any of the constitution framed in any part of the world are not more than a proletariat who is not aware of the the so-called beneficial laws made by the people sitting in the secretariat. The first three letters he made out straightaway: P-r-o — Pro’. But after that came a paunchy two-sided trashy sort of a letter which might mean anything: surely not ‘Pro-leatariat’? The instant thought of Sharik while entering the house of gentleman was enough to numb our senses with regards to how much we have been subdued under the current political and economic revolution that we are not even considered a man leave aside the gentleman. “Do us the honour, Mister Sharik. the ironical words of the gentleman reminds of our multi-shades politicians who claim us of reviving our honour which never happens as they have to restore their own honour in the mask of honesty. The eyes which have always been filled up with hatred for us suddenly seems to be drizzling with honour and love which is not just more than pretence for the proletariats as they have nothing to do with their honour or house.

The Eminence of Eugenics

 It wouldn’t be a strange sight in any part of the world as the most respected people are trying to make us understand the importance of the uplift of the humans at the time when humanity is degrading with each passing day. Even though this literary prodigy was penned down almost a century before, it still holds its words as still we haven’t been able to get over with the obsession. Even though being criticized for being anti-communist seems a statement for all such noble systems who claim to be noble but their acts aren’t for sure. How beautifully even the Professor tells his assistant By kindness. The only way to deal with a living being. You’ll never do anything with an animal by terror, at whatever stage of development. Why those people who are adamant on the purification of the race don’t do not have the patience to understand the fact that we need to purify our thought-process rather than the race to be in the race of being no. 1?

Identification of Identity

 We are an individual and we need to have an identity in order to identify our self. Whenever we look around the various papers which are considered mandatory even in the trifle matters, remarks us of the “Sharik” who brings a female companion on the basis of a paper under the absurd name “Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov” and also introduces her to the Professor as his common law wife. Isn’t it enough to roll our eyes to this absurd number of papers which are considered mandatory in order to be in the legalities of the law? But when under the same legalities we try to search our identity we find ourselves in the midst of a mirage. A mirage which not only ends in the desert but compels us to be on the mercy of law as this is the only supreme thing which is perhaps considered more superior than the Supreme itself.

The Concluding Words

 The literary sensation not only created enough debates and criticism for its stark portrayal but also warned us of those things which have been deficient in the true development of humanity and mankind. We have not able to provide the status of a human to a man and “Science has yet to discover ways of transforming beasts into human beings.