Hindutwa ideology will destroy India

BJP leaders and RSS think tanks are increasingly taking part in imposing their strange ideological ideas on the Indian people in the country. A number of criticisms and objections have been published in the media. Notable are Rakesh Sinha, Desh Ratan Nigam, Mohan Bhagwat, Amit Shah, Ram Madhav, and Ajit Doval.

Hindutwa ideology will destroy India

  Nazimuddin Farooqi                                                 Hindutwa ideology will destroy India


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After political successes, BJP leaders and RSS think tanks are increasingly taking part in imposing their strange ideological ideas on the Indian people in the country. Several criticisms and objections have been published in the media. Notable are Rakesh Sinha, Desh Ratan Nigam, Mohan Bhagwat, Amit Shah, Ram Madhav, and Ajit Doval. 

  1. Rakesh Sinha RSS thinker Ideologue and BJP MP while giving an interview on a TV channel said that there is no punishment for Rape in our civilization and society. This statement raises many questions. One of the crimes of genocide in internationalhuman rights organizations‘ is rape; War crimes also include sexual abuse.

1t has already been declared legally valid consensual sex, opposite sex, transgender sex, gay sexuality, Same-Sex, and lesbianism. There is a big difference between Consensual Sex & Rape. Sex without consent of the opposite sex is considered a big crime in all the law books of all the civilized countries of the world. Under the light of the statements issued by Mr. Rakesh Sinha, we can easily read his mind & mentality.

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News of the cases of rape, which keep emerging from the Ashrams, Maharishis of the Muts, Swamis, Babas, and Pundits are involved in it are very frequently keep appearing. Apart from this, a good number of BJP and RSS leaders and activists are indulged in such heinous, inhuman and immoral crimes are it is a matter of common knowledge.

There are numerous Muslim Dalit women and innocent girls’ rape cases in the Anti- Muslim riots in the country. The Congress government passed the ‘Nirbhaya Act‘ in Parliament on March 19, 2013, under which the provision of life imprisonment and the death sentence was incorporated for the Rapist. The BJP government considers the Nirbhaya Act a major hurdle for itself. In 2013, Muzaffarnagar witnessed more than 100 rapes in Anti-Muslim riots. The BJP government withdrew all the cases and recommended the names of 90 more criminals for withdrawal. With such ideas, a Rape Culture will be established in the country. There is a rape taking place in the country every 24 minutes and a minor is being kidnapped or being sold every 8 minutes. According to reports, hundreds of cases of Rape took place by the ‘Para Military’ forces during an 80-day lockdown in Kashmir. The victims have avoided reporting it out of fear of insult and losing honor in society. The complaints were avoided or making a statement in the press for fear of embarrassment and profanity. The incidence of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault & Rape is increasing day by day in the country. Even a literate state like Kerala is becoming unsafe for women.

The statement of Rakesh Sinha – certainly insists on establishing of ancient Mythological culture of the caves in Khajuraho and Ajanta, Elora. This will dramatically increase the number of victims in the vulnerable segments of minorities and Dalits that will give way to the insecurity of daughters, daughters-in-law will give rise to a culture of un-Wed mothers, and expose working-class women to shameful problems in offices, factories. It will make their complaints in-effective in any police station and courts as they will not be heard.

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  1. Mohan Bhagwat started a new inverse debate on the occasion of Dussehra instead of denouncing lynching said that the practice of ‘Lynching’ was common among the believers of other religions. There is no specific concept of ‘Lynching’ in Indian society. They want to make sure through this someone who is killed through mob ‘Lynching’, the government or police have no responsibility as the issue is related to the public belief and Astha hence it is out of the precincts of law and court.
  2. Amit Shah, too, is not behind in publicizing his RSS views: In a statement dated October 14, 2019, in which he is reported to have said “Human rights principles” of Western-style, cannot be followed in India. We will set our standards of human rights in our country according to our culture. He was referring to the leftists and Muslims, saying that many international human rights organizations stand up in support of the fundamental rights of terrorists and Naxalites. Such type of people is anti-nationals and traitors.

General Rawat successfully interprets the ideology of Amit Sha “The boys who will pick up stones will be shot.” Extra-Judicial Killing, which took place in Gujarat during Modi and Amit Shah’s regime, wants the same style of government. It is a very dangerous trend. They and their party do not like to see that the social activists and human rights activists are raising their voices against the police brutalities and the injustice being done in the courts.

Ram Madhav general secretary BJP and in-charge Kashmir affairs say that we cannot release the three former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Ministers because their release will increase the gun culture in Kashmir.

40,000 people have been arrested and held in different jails of the country, among them, there are 12,000 children. Their parents do not know which jails their children have been kept in. All the youth who were injured by the Pellet Guns were picked up, there are no complaints registered against the rapes committed all the doors of the courts from lower to the high court have been closed on them. All this perfectly represents the Ideology of Amit Sha.

RSS thinkers are engaged in creating an ancient society in India based on the Hindu notions and are trying to create a conservative Hindu block, on ancient assumptions based on ancient history. Amit Shah is not an intellectual, but he does not hesitate to uphold the ideology of Hindutwa. Recently, Amit Shah has said in Banaras Hindu University and repeating it at other places again and again in his speeches that we should re-write the history of India. Who can stop us from writing history in our way?

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RSS is obsessed with delusion and they are busy day and night trying to re-write the country’s history under the pressure of the party and the government without realizing this way

they are distorting the real history of the country. Against such efforts, excellent articles have been published in the famous English journals of the country. In the Telegraph on 22 October 2019 and ‘Vikas Pathak’ in The Hindu on 24 October 2019, it is important to study, in which the BJP’S campaign to re-write the country’s history has received strong criticism. And as always, Amit Shah is blaming the British, the Communists and the Mughals for the current history of India. Creating a new history is, in fact, a very difficult and factual task. Tara Chand, a historian, also tried to paint Indian history in a religious way that did not succeed. Apart from this, Jadoo Nath Sarkar and R.C. Majumdar also tried to write history from an Indian point of view. They did not succeed in their efforts.

‘D.D. Koshamsi wrote Marxist historiography, which later became known as Indian official history in the 1970s but later disappeared from the Syllabi of the country’s universities. 2 decades earlier Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi, who is a professor of Physics, made many efforts to change the history of the country which failed. The important fundamentals of Western historians cannot be ignored to transcribe history in which ‘E.H. Carr ‘and’ R.G. Collingwood ‘ are remarkable.

  1. We cannot ignore another RSS intellectual Desh Ratan Nigam repeated in a debate on ‘NDTV’ that Shah Jahan has not built the Taj Mahal that is made by Tomar rulers 1080. Lal Qila (Red Fort) is also built by a Hindu Raja. Thus, even the Jama Masjid Delhi is also built by Hindu king the name of it was Yamuna Temple, according to him it still has its residues.

If history is to be written based on the old stories of, Valmiki Shastra Mahabharata and Ramayana, then there will be nothing but we will be mocked in the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that plastic surgery was initiated by the Hindu gods in our world in ancient times; Ganesh was an example of successful plastic surgery. When it came to missiles and aircraft, it was said that thousands of years ago Hindu scientists introduced to the world the rocket technology, with lessons on the benefits of cow urine being added in textbooks. Saying there is healing for the sickness & health in cow urine, and precious metals such as gold ingredients are present in the cow urine. If the history of the country is linked to the mythological tales of Hinduism, then no one in the world can save the Indians from the fall. Ashok Swain wrote in his tweet; a man with a monkey’s face travels thousands of miles in the air, taking the mountain in his hand; another person has 10 heads, one has twelve hands. In Hindu mythology, there are very few facts that we can relate them to human history. History, science, technology, economics, all these things must be observed in the light of world-class science, research and studies. If you like to just fill the pages with any kind of stuff without any authenticity & call it history, then such ideas will be ridiculed and will become a laughing stock in the world & its modern institutions.

All their anger is directly on the Muslim era. They want to write a new history based on a bloodthirsty Hindu genocide from Mohammed bin Qasim to Bahadur Shah Zafar and convince the new generation of the country that the era of Muslims is full of slaughter, rape, plunder, robbery, battles. , consisting of wars, etc.

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  1. Ajit Doval National Security Advisor gave a new thought, saying that the media should not interfere with the actions of the security agencies. If the media is silent on our measures, we can create an atmosphere of security and peace in the country in a matter of just a few days.

Existing media has been tight-lipped and India has fallen to 138th in the global media rankings as a result of government misconduct and the abolition of press freedom. How much more media will be blackmailed and freelance journalism will be banned? About all Kashmir’s daily journals, the international media has been forced to say that they are being published as the Gazette of the Government.

For the sake of constituting a Hindu Block with the help of ‘Cash, Kind, Punishment, and Isolation’, by depriving people of their basic human rights curtailing the freedom of the media with the creation of new history and trying to avoid declaring crimes such as rape and lynching as punishable just to create thousands of years old Indian Society at the cost of constitution justice, and courts by destroying the fundamental human rights; if these practices continue in India then India is soon going to join the ranks of the backward nations.

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Hindutwa ideology will destroy India
BJP leaders and RSS think tanks are increasingly taking part in imposing their strange ideological ideas on the Indian people in the country. A number of criticisms and objections have been published in the media. Notable are Rakesh Sinha, Desh Ratan Nigam, Mohan Bhagwat, Amit Shah, Ram Madhav, and Ajit Doval.