The Horrible Truth behind Child Abuse

Amidst such strict laws India miserably failed to arrest a vicious crime like Child abuse. Is there something lacking in our law or something else? Let us explore again!

The Horrible Truth behind Child Abuse

Indonesian President Joko Widodo recently introduced death sentence against child sexual abuse. This reminds me of the situation in India. If you open any national newspaper, there is at least one rape or a sexual offence being reported against a child. Why is this? While we are progressing every day, we are continuously being part of the most dreaded crime of this world – Child abuse. Just considering this nasty act as a crime would be underestimating its severity. Can any crime or vice in this world could match the immoral, dreadful and horrific nature of Child Abuse in this whole world?


The two words – Child and Abuse, one denoting the innocent, careless, carefree, pious souls and the other a cruel term used for adults. Quite an irony! Yet the biggest irony is quite prevalent in our society where on one side we label the children as the incarnation of God and on the other side we are witnessing an increase in the cases of child abuse.

Child abuse which is technically defined as “Child abuse is physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or other caregiver” is just enough to peep into the nature of the severity of this profanity. Really! It is a matter of utmost shame for the so-called cultured people of our society. At the time when the children are being in the tenderest phase of their life, they are bound to suffer those things which are perhaps not acceptable at any age.  The children who are destined to see the light of the world are pushed into avenues of darkness.

An Abuse beyond Abuse

Even though our eminent scholars and researchers have tried to categorize and classify the various types of the child abuse, they are trying hard to pinpoint the victims. Indeed, they are well-equipped with the fact that the statistics are just able to give a fraction of the real figures, and that becomes an inability for them in tracing the real figures. Reason being quite obvious! When your protector becomes your predator, how can anyone going to catch those perverts? It’s very easy to describe the various laws prevalent in our society to counter this crime, but have we ever wondered why these laws not being enforced? How a child who has been the victim of feticide or infanticide can report to our honorable judiciary?

The child who has been the victim of physical maltreatment can ever raise courage reporting to anyone who can’t raise his eyes in front of his oppressor? It’s easy to preach on the various laws and legislatures, but have ever we wondered that a girl, who is not still aware of her genital parts, fully finds her genital parts mutilated. How could she know that it is one of the severe cases of child abuse? It is needless to say that the worst victim of sexual abuse is the female child. How can she report to anyone when any pervert every time threatens her life while abusing her?

Reason being what her parents will think of? Her parents will die out of shame and repentance. These self-created thoughts are not her by-product, but the constant feedings to her mind by the bloody varlet. It’s very easy to say the role of education and awareness of youngsters in depreciating this degraded crime from our society.

The Concluding Words

Only preaching on laws and culture is not going to eradicate this venomous evil from our society. The time has come to work together on this diseased mentality which is not only making us sick day by day, but also making us devil in our own eyes.