I is for India and Investment

The age-old policy debate on whether growth is the answer or inflation is being discussed quite vastly in modern India. What needs to be understood is that investment which used to be not so much as spoken is the answer to most of the economic growth in the country.

I is for India and Investment
I is for India and Investment

During the recent session for Balancing Growth and Inflation on the second day of The Huddle, the thought conclave in Bengaluru, investment is what the main message was. “The most important thing what we need to do is to get investments. Monetary policy alone cannot bring growth. Investment rate is falling. So, we need to do a whole lot of things to bring investments,” said D Subbarao during the session.

Ever since lending has not corresponded well, the amount that a bank lends and to whom has been a major issue in India.

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Of course, with major growth comes consistency, and with inflation being high again consistency is required. Therefore, the overall stability in the economic system needs to be focused upon.

Investments have been there in terms of infrastructure spending, with major expansions on airports, cities, hotels, ports, roads and even hospitals. A major focus on renewable resources such as solar power has also been planned.

JCB, Cummins, AECOM and General Electric have invested heavily into India’s infrastructure investments. This includes jet engines, turbines, CT scanners and satellite communications. Indian companies need to understand there is major growth in terms of investments for infrastructure and work on such competencies.

Another boom is the technology infrastructure, which is the startup culture. India has taken a liking to much technological advancement and has prospered as a dominant startup country. This has paved ways for investment opportunities which can widely improve the country and make use of its human resources and even natural resources.

With opportunities come major headaches in a country like India such as red tapes, strong labor unions, corruption, difficulty in acquiring land along with many others. So, if these can be overcome there is no stopping, in a country so wide that will not only benefit the country but the company as a whole.