“I’m a rich person and not a poor person. I’m not Gandhi or Mandela”, said Saudi Arabia’s Prince

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has flown a bit too high. His luxurious lifestyle is one of note along with his arrogant word selection demeaning Historical figures. His wealth speaks to everyone and no one dare question him.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is also called MBS is one to never apologize. He is the son of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and has been born with a golden spoon in his mouth. His father and he might have been the main reason for catching the corrupted businessmen and royal family members but that does not mean he can misuse his power.

The Prince has gone on a spending spree buying a $500 million yacht, a $450 million Da Vinci painting and a $300 million French chateau. Without a doubt, it’s time for the officials to check his corruptions.

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His recent quote troubled many but has not been highlighted by the Media-

“As far as my private expenses, I’m a rich person and not a poor person. I’m not Gandhi or [Nelson] Mandela. I’m a member of the ruling family that existed for hundreds of years before the founding of Saudi Arabia.”

Such mentions about very historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela already shows his claim to be much superior to them.  If this was said by an Indian Minister or even the American president Donald Trump it would have been blown out of proportions in the world media.

The Prince of Arrogance claims he spends most of his personal income on charity, which he claims to be 51% and so he has the right to spending the remaining 49% the way he wants to. Spending might not be the issue, but the arrogance of speaking about very important leaders just does not do justice.

The Prince does have his good side such as the concept of men and women being equal and should not be differentiated. At the same time, he is a dictator who has been rumored to be hiding his mother from his father in order to keep the vested power within him. A person who shows no fear and no diplomacy, by calling Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei the new Hitler and also erupted the start of Saudi influence in Yemen.

Similar to history where the son wants to take over the throne so badly…and so the saying goes “History repeats itself.”