Importance of Doctoral Graduates in Economic Growth

Education is the primary key to economic growth. Education adds on skills, a sense of belonging, crucial benefits of creativity and out of the box thinking which help in developing a nation as a whole. The US takes the lead as a country with the most doctoral scholars, which is of no reason why it stands out in terms of development

Importance of Doctoral Graduates in Economic Growth
Importance of Doctoral Graduates in Economic Growth

If it was not for education, many technologies such as MP3 and GPS would be a dream to the world. It all happened, thanks to Ph.D. research. Ph.D. is a very high form of education, which is not that easy but has prospered nations far beyond imagination.

United States tops the doctoral graduate list, followed by Germany with half the number of Ph.D. graduates in the Unites States. India comes in third place and is seen to be one of the fastest developing nations, which is a sure sign of doctoral degrees being helpful in the development of a country.

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Next on the list is Japan, followed by France and South Korea. Spain, Italy and Australia follow next on the doctoral graduate list.

India as a whole has recognized that doctoral graduates and further education to its citizens have helped grow India to the country it is now. This has led to higher education training capacities.

The most popular doctoral programs are in science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics. These are programs which will change countries on the development front.

With digital technology also taking a top on to things in the world, trends are rising in digitalization and computing technology. This has helped communication, a more united world and more solutions to various practical problems.

However, with Donald Trump being elected as president, the changes in immigration policies have worsened conditions for international graduate students.  This has spoiled the image of the United States for being a destination for international scholars.

China and India represent the highest number of international graduate applications in American universities, but with the recent immigration policy changes, it is about to reduce drastically.