India hasn’t Invented in Last 60 Years

And the reasons are not unknown. Indian mediocrity stems from the culture and society, rather than due to lack of intellect. While Government of India needs to revamp Indian education system, introducing high incentives and rewards could also work quite well!

Indians are without Great Ideas and Earth Shaking Inventions for Last 60 Years

The co-founder of Indian IT major Infosys, Narayan Murthy elucidated the need for more inventions or ground breaking ideas from the Indian scholars and faculty, by saying, “Our youngsters have not done much impactful research work despite being equal to their counterparts in intellect and energy in Western universities.”

There is no denial that Indian intellect can match the Western counterparts. Indians in United States, is the population subgroup with highest per capita income among all demographic groups. There have been quite a few Nobel Laureate as well of Indian origin, but holding US citizenship, such as, Hargobind Khurana (Medicine and Physiology), Subramanyam Chandrashekhar (Physics), Venkataraman Ramakrishnan (Chemistry) and so on showing the intellectual prowess and brilliance. Even Amartya Sen, who still holds Indian passport, contributed with major researches, on the basis of which he won the Nobel Prize, which have taken place in Trinity College, Cambridge. Therefore, Indians tend to flourish more in the western environment and under western educational system rather than based in India.

It cannot be denied that most of the Indian research papers are plagiarized work, conducted in the shadow (or sometimes taken out rightly) of other research papers. It is the collective culture which denies the need to think independently and come out with original thoughts and ideas, which represents individualism. We are not even taught to acknowledge other people’s work when we are taking data, information, or ideas from elsewhere by the citing the source in our paper. We take it for granted that we can steal others’ works. From our movies, music and to research papers mostly are blatantly plagiarized!

Thus, Indian culture, rather than intellect, is the buffer to inventions and ground braking ideas. Indian parents teach their sons and daughters to study well to get a good job and earn money. They are very seldom advised to move beyond their comfort zone. This has been the cause of Indian faculty and scholars growing up with an attitude of playing safe, resulting in get incorporated in fat salary jobs rather than doing some original and ground breaking research.

This is the reason Narayan Murthy said, “The top Western Universities demonstrated unusual courage to achieve the plausibly-impossible. The story is similar at many other western institutions of higher education.” He added: “On the other hand, let us pause and ask what the contributions of Indian institutions of higher learning, particularly IISc ans IITs, have been over the last sixty-plus years to make our society and the world a better place?”

Politics among research fraternity is another factor of Indian mediocrity. The meritorious scholars having the potential to go far is being systematically brought down mentally, emotionally, and functionally. Mr. Murthy indicated this problem as well by saying “Our younger faculty must have full freedom to pursue their line of research without hindrance.