India under Lockdown to protect Spread of Corona-Virus !!!

The Corona virus has created an atmosphere of great fear & terror in the world, it began in Wuhan in China and the virus is slowly engulfing the entire world


The Corona virus has created an atmosphere of great fear & terror in the world, it began in Wuhan in China and the virus is slowly engulfing the entire world. Pandemic diseases have spread throughout human history across the borders, and hundreds of thousands of people have died. Human scientific development has successfully dealt with pandemic diseases such as plague, small pox, AIDS, Ebola. Some infectious diseases are regional and domestic. After a century later the plague of 1918, a new outbreak of Corona virus has spread and infected many remote countries around the world. The virus is actually from the influenza family. It does not have a DNA it has no biological body. This is a RNA virus. Scientists are in the final stages of their success in making a drug or vaccine. It was said that it would take 18 months to get the vaccine patented after trial. And pharmaceutical companies will be able to develop on a commercial basis. The kind of chaos that is spreading is actually visible due to ignorance and panic. This virus attacks first the respiratory system of the victim. And rapidly affects the lungs over a period of 15 days. Respiratory distress, fever, and in older people, due to weakening of the immune system, the virus is very effective and can become un-curable soon. It is very dangerous for patients over the age of 60. Lakhs of people were affected in China by this virus.

When Michael Ryan the World Health Organization’s director, was asked about, whether the virus was  created by humans   or not, he categorically denied that we had no information from the rest of the world. There were millions of people infected in China out of which 25,000 people were successfully treated, the number of people dying of the virus is about five and a half thousand. If diagnosed and treated on time, people’s lives can be truly saved, but due to the lack of life supports, ventilators, medics, doctors, Para Medial Staff and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and inadequate testing kits there have been too many deaths in different countries in the world.

After China, the country in the world that has been worst hit by this virus is the United States, more than 14,000 people have died in the US 65 thousand people who have been tested have been found positive. Italy is second. Despite it that Italy’s Health System is considered one of the bestin the world. There have also been reports of more than 30,000 infections & 5,000 deaths. Spain is the most affected country after Italy, where more than 4,000 virus-infected patients have died.

This system of nature is beyond the human comprehension &imagination. Beijing and Shanghai are 1318 km and 618 km away from Wuhan respectively. There is absolutely no virus outbreak and devastation in those cities. While Italy has been so badly affected by the Corona virus attack around 7,500 km away, Italy has to appeal for medical help from all over the world. The shortage of doctors, and ventilators, was exacerbated by the disease, which killed 6,000 people. China sends 300 doctors to Italy, US sends equipment to Italy &Italy’s military has taken control of the entire country. Still, thousands of patients have been put on the streets, intersections, without tents under the sky. Similarly it is happening in the United States. Many shopping malls are being converted into temporary hospitals.

For the first time since World War II, such a large number of human lives have been lost due to the outbreak of a disease. It is a strange coincidence that Russia’s borders are connected to China they have not yet reported any outbreak of the virus. Its spread has not been seen in Iran’s neighboring countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Surprisingly, the virus used to spread in most African countries. This time the Corona virus did not affect the North East and East African countries so much.

After the European countries, Italy and Spain have the rapid spread of Corona virus and more than 30,000 cases have been reported in the city of London, if not controlled then the outbreak can be common in whole of England. London and major cities have been put under LockDown.

There is no uniformity in the spread of the virus and it attacks. The virus is affecting different countries, at different levels. It is reported that it spreads through human contact and the virus has been reported to be Air-Born as confirmed by WHO.

An in-depth study of the measures taken to fight the virus in advanced countries and India, we will see a great deal, firstly, to see the number and situation of those affected by the Corona virus to date. What is itlike.

Destructions wrought by Coronary Virus:

The total number of people affected globally is 1.846,000

The total number of virus deaths worldwide is 114,090

The number of virus-infected patients in the United States is 5,00,000

  The number of virus deaths in the United States is 15,000

India Covid-19

There are 9,152 cases diagnosed with Corona virus that are undergoing treatment. Of these, 857 have been cured and 308 deaths have been reported across India. Some experts say the virus has infected a large number of people the numbers may be very high now the numbers are low because only about 20,000 patients were screened for the possible symptoms. Out of which 9152 people were found to be infected with the Corona virus. There are now millions of people who may have been infected with the virus, as it takes two weeks for symptoms to appear and then there is a severe shortage of testing kits. The system in government hospitals is very corrupt. There are only 40,000 ventilators across India and 2.3 ICU units per 100 thousand compared to 38 beds per 100,000 in Taiwan.

In neighboring Bangladesh, the government is testing the Corona virus at only 90 Takka, while private laboratories have a fee of 250 takka and in India it is being tested at Rs 4,500.

If the outbreak becomes widespread in India, millions of people can surely be affected. It is being said that since the outbreak is in the second stage, If it gets into the third stage as it has been in Italy, New York, or London, India’s medical infrastructure cannot be used in this emergency situation. In fact, it will become useless.

WhyIndia Lockdown Measures are Irresponsible?: It is the government’s responsibility to save the life of every Indian. It is commendable that the BJP government, instead of taking on the outbreak RISK, has completely locked down the country with a population of 130Crores on time. Here are two important questions: On one hand, controlling the spread of outbreaks and saving the lives of innocent citizens. On the other hand, is it wise for a country like India to lockdown the world’s 5th largest $ 2.94 trillion economy without notice and put the whole country in quarantine.

laborers working in remote areas,citieswho have from different states of India millions of students studying in other cities and states. Millions of women live in other states due to their employment. Some people were on a temporaryvisit  todifferent cities in connection with their trade –Lakhs of foreigners have found themselves all of a sudden found themselves locked in Hotel rooms.

There is no arrangement for the relatives of the patients to accommodate them in the corporate hospitals. In fact there are millions of poor workers, traders, at the stations all over the small and 2 tier towns. A storm has hit. There is no money for food or for human nature calls. The sudden, lockdown has put the public in a great predicament. Apart from this, no one knows what is going to happen to the various sectors of the country’s economy. For 21 days, the government announces a 1.7 Trillion Rupees aid package($ 22 Billion)  . The 21-day lockdown will push the country back many years – the jobs of several millionpeople will be gone. Unemployment will suddenly increase. Taking a look at a few sectors of the country will reveal how the country’s economy has been pushed into disaster without a thought.

Hotel Industry: The estimated loss of 11,000 crore over the next 12 months 40 Million employeesare connected to it. At least 1.5 million employees will be fired. There were 7.3 million people connected to the restaurant industry, by an estimate jobs for 14 million people would be gone.

Aviation Industry Air Travel Industry: This industry is worth 200,000 crore in the next three months, with an estimated loss of Rs.4,200 Crores will notice 3,50.000 employees will be laid off.

Retail Industry: This is an industry worth 5.9 Trillion Rupees. The jobs of one million people will go straight. out of the 41 million people who are connected to this industry.10.1Million jobs will be lost in this industry.

Real StateIndustry: There are already huge losses in this industry, with 7.3 million employees connected, 35% of the people in this are expected to lose their jobs due to lockdown.

Taxi Industry: There were 5 million vehicles and drivers involved in partnership withUber, Ola. It is estimated that the employment of about 2.5 million drivers will be lost forever. There are about 10.2 Million MSME industries there is no relief for their for the next 6 months at least.

The $ 2.94 trillion economy of India  has been destroyed by unwise measures.

When a US Health Task Force official was asked virus is wide spread in the country now, you still would not go for a  LOCK DOWN? He replied that we have a flexible type of strategy, not every state and city of America is affected by it. Where there is need depending on it, we will handle it wisely. It is not wise to lock down the entire country. In the United States, 5,00,000 people have been affected and more than 14,000 people have been killed. There are 2,00,000 Corona Virus patients in New York City alone.

The example of Japan is before us. In Japan so far 550 cases have been diagnosed and 55 have died of the virus.

“We have taken concrete steps against the virus and we will control the country without lockdown,” Japan said

Russia kept the virus from its media out and the country’s economy continues to grow without any problems. A ban has been put on only the flights coming from foreign countries. There was supposed to be more fact-based emergency measures than based on fears and propaganda.

It seems that the BJP government has always been more interested in Lockdown. When the 500 and 1000 currency notes were banned, an uproar erupted in the country, then Kashmir was kept in the military lockdown for five months. And now to put such a big country under lockdown in the name of the Corona virus is a completely unwise political, administrative, economic, and medical historical mistake. India as country has to bear the cost of this unwise lock down for decades to come.

Scientists say there is going to be  significant increase in cases of the Corona virus in India in April and May. Let’s See how the government is going to handle the emergency situation which is going to rise due to increase in the number of corona virus cases and how it is going to  take care of the people of India.


By Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqi

(Scholar, Senior Analyst, Columnist, Opinion Leader, and Social worker)


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India under Lockdown to protect Spread of Corona-Virus !!!
The Corona virus has created an atmosphere of great fear & terror in the world, it began in Wuhan in China and the virus is slowly engulfing the entire world
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