In a shame to Indian media, a video was seen by many about an Emirati man who was saying ‘Jai Siya Ram.’ This video was legit, but the report about the man was completely false. Media needs to have stricter policies to follow as this can spark national interests and relationships between countries

Indian Media Sparks Anger Once Again
Indian Media Sparks Anger Once Again

The video was from a programme from a spiritual leader Morari Bapu in September 2016 where a journalist based in the United Arab Emirates was the one being filmed. It was wrongly stated that the man in the video was Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

It was shared by mainstream popular media such as Times Now and Zee News. Credibility….ZERO! This video with fake reporting was caught by Dubai based newspaper Gulf News.

This act has brought about shame to the Indian Media, especially since it had a political connection. What makes it even more embarrassing is the media could not identify the difference in identity, which is utter shameful.

Fake News is a new term developed by cunning and manipulative media being driven by political motives and propaganda which is unethical. It is a complete threat to democracy and free speech.

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An overdrive of Political ministers visiting countries like United Arab Emirates, from hugs to food eaten being dramatically shown is a sign of unnecessary soap opera like news.

Safeguards need to be put into place in the policies of media to prevent distorted half truths from spreading. A clear verification of basic facts need to be done, this is the foremost backbone of responsible journalism.

The way it seems it might have been done deliberately, but then again the public knows better than to falsely criticize, something which the media ought to learn.

What needs to be understood is the growing relationship between United Arab Emirates and India. These type of stories will impact a fruitful understanding between United Arab Emirates and India something which is important in the long term.

Medias right to information and the way it propagandas need to be fundamentally challenged, as not just a way to gain popularity but to gain the confidence of people from other nations too.

Over to you, Indian Media….keep it drama free!