Why Are Indian Nuclear Scientists Dying Mysteriously

The unexplained deaths of Indian nuclear scientists continuously possess a serious threat to the country. Is Indian Government serious about the issue?

Why Are Indian Nuclear Scientists Dying Mysteriously
Why Are Indian Nuclear Scientists Dying Mysteriously

Death whenever unexplained is conceived as murder and is subject to investigation and conviction but when it comes to the highly esteemed nuclear scientists of India, the concerned officials are tight-lipped. Obviously being a nuclear scientist is not a cakewalk but when a threat looms over their respective life, this lucrative career aspiration seems to be a wrong choice. Over the past decades, few of them have committed suicides, been sabotaged or been the victim of unexplained deaths. Even after such a tyranny; their deaths go unreported.

The recent deaths of K.K Josh and Abhish Shivam is still a mystery as the police is unable to identify the cause of death whereas the media and the government officials of the Defence Ministry are considering it a regular accident and sadly didn’t initiate any investigation on it. Such mysterious deaths of the Indian scientists are not new as even in 2009 Lokesh Mahalingam was found dead and termed as suicidal death. Could it be more shameful that his death was left unreported by the Indian media and reported by the Pakistani media? In the same way, the body of Ravi Mule was found in a forest but the police was unable to trace the reason for their death.

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The death of these scientists falls into either suicide or unexplained category. The rampant unexplained deaths of scientists are a failure of the police force where they become a puppet in the hands of the government bodies which restricts them to investigate further. Undoubtedly such unexplained deaths are the acts of professional killers which can only counter through well-trained spies which India has no dearth. These heinous acts can only be traced if the regulatory bodies have the willingness to probe further and which can be assimilated through a responsible media. The independent bodies have alleged different nations like USA, Pakistan, and China which are going an extra mile in halting the country’s nuclear programs.

Such allegations are not going to work as the responsible government need to be accountable for such deaths otherwise the day is not far when not only there would be dissatisfaction among the general public but also there would be a wave of fear in these bright minds.