Indian Taps to run Dry

There are 4 countries which are on the verge of a water shortage- India, Morocco, Iraq, and Spain. This is mainly due to shrinking water reservoirs and so water taps can become completely dry.

Indian Taps to run Dry
Indian Taps to run Dry

A new satellite early warning system has figured this issue out mostly in these four countries. India has been facing several water issues over the years but this is a strict warning signal that things could get worse.

Poor rains have left many of the dams and reservoirs empty around India. There are steps the government has taken however it is still not enough. ‘

Last month, the Gujarat state government halted irrigation and suggested to the farmers not to sow crops.

On April 12 it was reported that 91 reservoirs around India are at a 25% of total capacity. It was 84% a year ago which has shown a drastic fall. The Indian Metrological Department forecasts warmer than normal temperatures in the next few months which will make the situation worse.

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Bloomberg reported M. Rajeevan, secretary for the Ministry of Earth Sciences saying that this year will be one of the hottest for India. The added problems of deficient winter rain and low snowfall in glaciers will ensure water will be a big problem in Northern Indian plains.

The amount of cubic meters per person of water is only 200 meters in India according to a World Bank report. This is very miniscule compared to 5,000 cubic meters in U.S, Australia and 1,000 meters in Mexico and China. That means during monsoon season which is when most water is collected only 30 days of rainfall can be stored. This is very upsetting when compared to 900 days for many developed countries.

India needs to pay very close attention to increasing the water capacity that can be held, instead of various other issues they are trying to tackle.

Apparently, according to M. Rajeevan, the Indian government is already formulating plans for tackling heat and water shortages.

Water shortage needs to be addressed around the world, as Cape Town in South Africa has even launched a countdown to the day when taps will be completely dry off for the millions of residents due to three years of drought.