Indians Get Maximum Spam Calls in the World

A Study done by call identification and spam detection app - Truecaller finds that Indians receive 22 spam calls on an average every month while USA and Brazil receive 20.7! While it is annoying for users, proves quite beneficial to the spam callers.

Indians Get Maximum Spam Calls in the World

Indians possessing smartphones are assailed with spam calls several times throughout the day. It is not for nothing that Indians are found to be the highest recipient of spam calls this year, according to a study conducted in 20 countries. Truecaller, an app with global users of more than 250 million, conducted a research showing that Indians using smartphones are recipient of more than 22 spam calls a month, which turns out to be a almost a call per day. What can be more disturbing is this trend is on the rise.

India is closely followed by United States and Brazil, being the recipient of more than 20 calls per user per month.

The biggest culprit of these bothersome calls inflicted upon the perfectly innocent folks is the telecom operators. The report reveals that 54 percent of all spam calls can be traced to originate from them. ”Many of these operators are seeking to provide special offers for free data, or unlimited calls. Which doesn’t sound so bad – until you get bombarded by them,” the report says.

Up to 20 percent of these calls are nuisance calls including pranks, harassment, and unwanted calls. The Indians receiving spam calls from other sectors are telemarketers (13 percent), financial service (9 percent), and insurance and scams (3 percent).

There is an Unsolicited Commercial Communication regulation as well as do not disturb (DND) registry in India which is supposed to provide protection of the mobile phone users from the spam callers, but like many other systems in the country, the regulations are mere farce and  serves useless purpose. Most of the users do not even know the existence of these regulations, and even if they do, does not have the knowledge how to use them.

Indians being a country of collectivism, could never understand, lest appreciate the value of personal space and individual will that are constantly under violation.

However, some other countries championing individualism, such as, United States have seen the rise of unwanted calls by a sharp 20 percent over the last couple of months. In Brazil, the top spammers and the telecom operators constitute 33 percent of the spam calls. There are also troubles of fraudsters in Brazil, who pretend to be debt collectors and collect funds for illegitimate reasons.

The other countries plagued by spam calls are Mexico, South Africa, and Chile. There are two sides to the spam calls. On one hand, it is disturbing irritant to most phone users; on the other hand it can be beneficial to a few and certainly the spam callers. The regulations should be in place which can effectively control these spam calls by the smartphone users.