India’s Lost Daughters

India’s growing tendency to give birth to sons has lead to daughters being unwanted by families. Out of a 1.3 Billion people, 21 million girls are unwanted. These girls are either displaced by their families or aborted before birth.

India’s Lost Daughters

Most of the families want sons instead of daughters due to the lineage of family continuing. This family planning leads to major disappoints when a girl is born. Research has shown that with 21 million girls being neglected by parents, almost 63 million women have been killed through abortion.

The policy of determining fetus sex is illegal and still being done through immoral ways of bribing and small hospitals which are not registered with the government. There are countless other beliefs such as facing west while sleeping and having sex on certain days.

Other reasons for having sons instead of daughters include

  • Daughters after marriage have to give dowry which is an expense to the family
  • Daughter never being part of the family but being part of the husband’s family
  • Daughters not being able to inherit property which the family have worked hard for

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According to the Economic Survey, sons were mostly preferred by Punjab and Haryana. A better support system is required in these regions in terms of supporting the births of females.

The government is trying new ways of enticing girl births, with schemes such as the Sukanya Samriddhi Account where the parents can operate and save in the account which can be operated by the girl after the age of ten. It has special interest rates on savings which can help the daughter in times of education and marriage.

Other schemes to promote and entice female birth include-

Narendra Modi’s Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana which implemented strategies to keep the public aware of creating equal opportunities for the girl child and promotes her education.

United Progressive Alliance government in 2008 launched the Dhan Lakshmi scheme which gives 1 lakh to a girl child if she had been immunized as a child, completed school atleast till class VIII and reached age of 18 without being married.