Ink Drift Magazine: Refilling already Dried Strata

Ink Drift is a literary magazine led by a dynamic group of young authors and writers including Nikita D’Monte leading from US and Assef Ali from India. With its refreshing and quality content, Ink Drift aims to make its mark in Indian literature

Ink Drift Magazine: Refilling already Dried Strata
Ink Drift Magazine: Refilling already Dried Strata

The eminent English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said; “It is in the literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expressions” and undoubtedly the literary magazines hold the same place when literature needs to be expressed. The literary magazines are a mirror reflection of the literature of that era and the particular geographical strata. They act as brain food for satiating the intellectual hunger of human. India, despite having a mass appeal of literature and a pool of talented authors, it doesn’t have world-class literary magazines and is drying up after every passing year.

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In the midst of such chaos, Ink Drift Magazine, incorporated in July 2016 in Dallas, Texas, USA by young and dynamic author and writer Nikita D’Monte and is published from Gurugram, India aims to narrow that gap. As literature has no boundaries and originated thousands of miles away from India, it has catered to the very intellectual needs of Indian people. From the very first issue in August 2016, Ink Drift introduced us to the heart-rending separation from your sweetheart through ‘Paperboats’ by Sobha Saju and then once again through minutely exploring ‘Lust’ in its May 2017 issue. Not only Ink Drift introduced us to the world of thought-provoking poetry but also managed to touch the core of our hearts by some splendid tales like ‘They Feared’ by Shilpa Mazumdar in August 2017 issue. It has enriched the Indian literature with splendid tales and poetries while bringing forward entrepreneur-turned author T.T. Srinath whose life-changing brainchild ‘Creating Winning Relationships Through Conversations with Self’ has motivated thousands of people along with Sidhi Palande whose masterpiece ‘Beyond the Veil’ has challenged the pre-conceived societal norms.

Indeed! Ink Drift has proved itself a gem in the pile of stones which have been guiding the Indian literature and will continue to enlighten us through its unparalleled work. Because there is a need to rejuvenate the old glory of Indian literature. As a youth, we are expected to change the world as Manya Sinha says in her letter ‘From the Youth’ in the latest issue of the Ink Drift Itself.