Is Doha agreement a Taliban victory?

An important historic agreement was signed between the United States and the Taliban on February 29, 2020, which made the whole world happy, especially Pakistan and India.

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An important historic agreement was signed between the United States and the Taliban on February 29, 2020, which made the whole world happy, especially Pakistan and India. This could have far-reaching effects on US policy for South Asia. Observers in the Islamic world are calling it the victory of the Taliban and righteous and fundamentalists. If America’s intentions are good in this agreement of international importance, then peace and order can certainly be restored. But US has taken two opposite kinds of decisions in two countries of the Islamic world. On 28th January it signed the Deal of the Century with Israel which marks the handing over of the areas of Palestine under the administration of Arabs including Jerusalem to the Israel. Exactly after a month after that deal on 29th of February it signed a pact with Taliban in absolute humbleness & in a state of defeat has accepted to pull out its troops from Afghanistan through this agreement.

The international powers have forced a war on the Afghan people for the past  40 years, the Afghan people have been killed & a civil war has been imposed on them, bloodshed, bombing, killing has been the routine in which  innocent civilians have lost their lives and left Afghanistan in a state of ruin. The total population of Afghanistan is 37,135,635 (2019) Thirtyseven million one hundred & thirty five thousand six hundred & thirty five. A population of about 40 million, first the Soviet Union ousted Dawood and planted Nur Muhammad Taraki. Then the Mujahideendeclared a Jihad to defeat the soviet troops from December 1979 a guerilla war was waged by Mujahideen, during this period the CIA, through Saudi Arabia, provided ample support for combat tactics and military training, supplying modern weapons to the Mujahideen. Eventually, on February 15, 1989, Soviet forces had to abandon Afghanistan. A war torn country for more than 10 years, the country was depicting a picture of destruction & distress. 90,000 Mujahideen lost their lives in the war with the Soviet Union18, 000 Afghan soldiers and 14,500 Soviet soldiers were killed. In addition, to thosetwo million civilians were killed during this long war.

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Afghans had to make huge sacrifices to end the Soviet Union’s control on Afghanistan. Mujahideen took over the government under the leadership of Burhanuddin Rabbani, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the renowned leader of Islamic Movement, was made prime minister. A federal government comprising all sects and classes of Mujahideen was allowed to run for five years by the United States and ISI. Meanwhile, differences in the federal government of the Mujahidin were at its peak and despite being in government for more than 6 years, they failed to forge a constitution for their country with mutual uderstanding.Or they were prevented by the CIA from legislating it.

In the meantime, if we look at the secret conspiracies in neighboring Pakistan, many shocking facts come to light. Pakistan has always been at the forefront of implementing US interests and policies. It would be surprising to know that the United States always considered the Mujahideen’s federal government a threat to itself. In the meantime, the CIA and ISI together with Saudi Arabia at a place by name Akora Khattak where Darul Uloom Haqqani exists which used to be run by Maulan Samee Ul Haq of Jameeatul Ulema Islam they made a secret agreement with him. Most of the Scholars of the Deoband School of thought are the pass outs from this historic Madrasa including Mulla Omer.

A Terror Conflict Project was created called ‘Afghan Transit Trade’. Secret agencies linked another international gang Pakistan Truck Shipping Mafia, and the Taliban began to receive strong military training from Pakistan Military and ISI. Within 5 years, many Afghan Deobandi clerics were prepared for guerrilla warfare and civil war. In 1996, the Taliban suddenly appeared in Afghanistan with the help of the United States and ISI, and then the Mujahideen’s government of Burhanuddin Rabbani was ousted overnight and Taliban started ruling. Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphael of the United States had stated that the United States would support the Taliban. Immediately after taking over the government Taliban started massacres in several areas, wells of the region were poisoned, ponds in the border area of ​​Tajikistan the rivers& Dams were destroyed by bombing all the enemies were picked & killed; Two Thousandinnocent civilians from a Minority community were massacred just in three days in Mazar-e-Shareef. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban joined hands in partnership. In such a situation, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, The War Lord of Afghanistan the leader of the Hizb-e-Islami,was shifted to a safe haven, from 1996 to 2019, the US forces kept him safe for some special reason, that is why he was completely missing from the horizon of civil war and chaos in Afghan politics.

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Neither America’s friendship nor enmity lasts permanently; it has been the norm for the United States to destroy the weak nations for their long-term interests in those countries. Earlier it was said that stock piles of modern weapons which are under the control of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar none of the other religious or political leaders has such modern weapons reserves. but when the Taliban took over the government, all the villages & tribes started stock piling the weapons despite Afghanistan having a majority of religious people, tribal conflicts in the region are taking place for the past several centuries there were conflicts between the regional governors and the tribal heads in which hundreds of people lost their life. There used to be peace apparently but the guerilla wars were on between the tribes in the mountains and caves and US did not just remained a spectator to all this but was busy in planning its next policy by making it feasible. Abdul Rasheed Dostom,  Ismail Khan Hamed Karzai, Bismillah Khan Hamdi, Mohammad Mohaqqiq Kareem Kahlili, Asif Mohsin & Syed Husain were the political leaders prepared to run a government with a  loose political system when US attained control. Those bloody Talibans who were the darling of US & ISI by blaming Al Qaeda for the  attacks on twin tower US attacked Afghanistan on 7th of October 2001 in collaboration with the British forces later on 48 Nations of NATO countries joined the war with their armed forces and Pakistan too started playing an important role in that.

The US game in Afghanistan changed completely in 2001 they installed their own representative government by ousting the Taliban. The Pakistan & ISI were kept at a distance in all this process under the changing conditions instead of Pakistan, India was assigned major role to play in Afghanistan. The complete administration of government of Afghanistan, Central Reserve Bank and the legislative work, construction of highways &in developmental work of Afghanistan, India played an important role. India was provided with the opportunity to extract benefits through all political, diplomatic, economic, commercial & industrial sources.

But several groups of Taliban launched a war against the United States. And in this war-torn country, foreign forces, especially the United States, were forced to change their monopoly policy today.

During the 18-year-long US war on Afghanistan 65,996, Afghan Security forces were killed North East Alliance 2000, allied troops 3562, a total of 69,619 soldiers were killed in the war. Number of injured 22, 27,619 persons apart from this 38,480 innocent civilians were killed in such a way that 47% of the country was forced to relocate about 5 million rural population from their villages and localities. According to a 2000 Human Rights Watch report, up to 1.5 million people (up to 1.5 million) were directly killed by that time, and 2 million people were permanently disabled. This is the bloody picture of the Afghanistan long years of war that is enough to shake the humanity.

The Afghans have a tremendous history of trying to overcome enemy forces in the world, with great determination and force. In the 19th century British forces were kicked out by them. In the 20th century, Soviet forces suffered a brutal defeat, and now in the 21st century, a world power like the United States is forced to kneel down.

Despite being the most backward country in education, health, economy, technology, dozens of Taliban guerrilla groups have forced the world’s great power to withdraw its forces and return them back their government after 18 long years.

If we look at the Doha Agreement on February 29, 2020, many things are beyond comprehension and many issues are curtained. In addition to the Taliban group that has signed an agreement with the United States, there are more than 20 independent groups of the Taliban that have unity or agreement between each other, the head of another Taliban group said Doha agreement does not implies that all the warring factions of the Taliban are in agreement with that.

In his recent interview General Aslam Baig, former Chief of Army Staff Pakistan, acknowledged that the Mullah Omar sent a delegation to me at the time when Afghanistan was about to be invaded, I told themto join hands with the US forces & later when peace is restored and elections are held, then you guys can win in elections. This is better for you and Afghanistan. On that Mullah Omer sent a message to me that we will fight and restore our rule over our country by conquering our enemy even if it takes a 100 years’ time we will never laydown our arms before the imperial forces”Aslam Baig said that Mullah Omar had died in 2013 but his words literally word by word, we can see them happeningnow in front of us. When one fights with Islamic zeal and sentiment, one will surely succeed one day after great sacrifices. The whole world has been brandishing them as terrorists, extremists, for 20 years. Today, the same world’s largest global power is forced to make a pact withthem for a peaceful return of its troops from Afghanistan. It is easy to declare war on terror but it drains away all your resources in really eliminating terror from the roots. You cannot fight terror with weapons & technology the only way is through peaceful negotiations reforms.

Now we shall see how beneficial these agreements will be for lasting peace. The United States has to draw a lesson, and should not repeat again a fatal mistake of imposing its army and arms and military forces against the weak nations. A former CIA official in his book in 2005 had advised the United States that” For how long will keep encroaching the boundaries of other nations and continue to illegally shed the blood of their people US should leave the Islamic countries immediately.”

Afghan government launched Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) to suppress Taliban insurgency, OEF was actually part of (ISAF) Internal Security Assistance Force, Helmand, Kandhar, Kunduz initially had strong Taliban bases, Kabul was the world’s largest single city with mines on the roads, public places, house walls, offices and resulting in the death of 8, 76,825 villagers in armed struggle against the Soviet Union at that time. That accounted for 7% of the country’s population at that time.

In 10 years1980-1990, about 1.7 million Afghans were forced to migrate; the Soviet forces used Biological weapons, Nerve Gas, Mustard Gas against civilians, causing 36,000 villages in the country to become completely empty and deserted.

By Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqi

(Scholar, Senior Analyst, Columnist, Opinion Leader, and Social worker)


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Is Doha agreement a Taliban victory?
An important historic agreement was signed between the United States and the Taliban on February 29, 2020, which made the whole world happy, especially Pakistan and India.
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