Is India Dominating Literature World

India has seen the likes of plenty interesting authors and interesting books. The land of culture has an interesting vision and imagination which the world truly enjoys. From the Eastern Coast of Kolkata to the Bollywood lands of Mumbai, India is dominating in written art.

India Dominating Literature World
India Dominating Literature World

India has been the home for interesting authors such as Arundhati Roy and the more modern writer Chetan Bhagat. Amazon India’s Annual Reading Trends Reports for 2017 has surveyed the Indian market and found out some interesting emergences.

Bangalore, known for its prominence in the IT sector is the most well-read city in India. Mumbai and Delhi follow with second and third position. Indian authors are also seen to be widely read among the Indian audience.

The survey carried out has seen that exam preparation books is the most popular genre on while Indian writing has taking off with second spot. Indian authors connect with the Indian audience is highly seen, whether it be fiction, non-fiction or personal development.

Among books Indian Polity is the top selling book, followed Sita Warrior of Mithila which is a fiction book. Chetan Bhagat’s outstanding wit, humour and storytelling still remain to be classic tales which the audience of India never get bored of. His book ‘One Indian Girl’ ranks among the top 10 bestsellers.

Business books such as ‘I Do What I Do’ by Raghuram Rajan are the choice amongst the population that love to learn Raghuram Rajan’s book gives insight into such an interesting mind.

The 26th New Delhi Book Fair opened on Saturday with a call for increased awareness and efforts to protect the environment. Authors of India such as Author and environmentalist Sunita Narain has spoken strongly against climate change and the need for awareness.

Book Fairs bring the general public together and hence the message of climate change will be able to be spread to many. The fair has been known to create awareness and bring about a change. Remember Knowledge is power!

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