Is there a need for a government?

Imagine life in your country without a government. This is difficult to imagine, because as far as life has been there has always been a ruler, king or queen, dictator or president. These leaders might not be the only answer to maintain a country progress.

Is there a need for a government
Is there a need for a government

They say imagination is a powerful tool, for the Irish in Northern Ireland their imaginations became realities. Whether it is the lucky leprechauns or the hardcore Irish, they have somehow succeeded in surviving without a government.

Martin McGuinness the deputy first minister of Ireland walked out in a row over an energy scheme, a year ago. This has till date not been resolved, and hence there is no political leadership at any level. The general reaction would be, how did the country survive!

The Irish in Northern Ireland survived, there was no confusions and has shown the world that democracy with elected leaders too has lost its voice.This is just one country that survived the freedom. Germany, Spain,Belgium and even Somalia have had periods of no leadership.

There are problems though, especially of member countries who take part in world discussions. Certain decisions are not easy to be made in the economic front when it comes to globalization. Therefore an acting leader should be present in such situations.

There have been circumstances where experts have led the country, instead of politicians such as in Italy between 2011 and 2013 during the collapse of Silvio Berlusconi’s government.

It is also evident certain countries are well governed. Minimization of corruption and growth in sectors of education and medical facilities are signs of good leadership. Countries like New Zealand has generous policies that support citizens, and Canada has high political stability which are both signs of leadership doings its part.

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