Is This The End of Nitish?

Nitish Kumar’s alliance with BJP can be profitable to him in the short run, but can ruin his political career over the long run

Is This The End of Nitish

Nitish Kumar’s resignation from the chief minister’s post and within a couple of days becoming chief minister of Bihar again with the help of BJP marks the end of grand alliance. Barring a few North Eastern states, there are only three states (West Bengal, Kerala and Punjab), which is free of NDA governments. BJP’s dominance in India’s polity is almost complete that can mark sweeping changes in the socio-political landscape of the country.

However, the move made by Nitish Kumar can be profitable to him in the short run, but can ruin his political career over the long run. For instance, in Maharashtra, BJP was the second fiddle to Shiv Sena when the alliance rose to prominence posing serious challenge to the traditionally strong Congress in the state. However, the table is turned now. The BJP has emerged as the dominant partner and have virtually eroded the Shiv Sena’s vote bank. In Odhisa, BJD is feeling the heat of BJP that is fast bridging the gap between the two. This has been the pattern of BJP’s gamesmanship in virtually every state.

Nitish Kumar might have fallen in the same trap. BJP’s policy of destroying opposition in all possible ways may befall on Nitish as well. Modi may well have planned to use Nitish as a scapegoat to penetrate more into the electoral vote base in Bihar.

The way Narendra Modi pervaded Gujarat which was left virtually with no opposition, is being repeated in the national backdrop as well. Even in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is fast losing grounds to BJP that is gaining in several districts and can pose serious challenge to Trinamool Congress in the upcoming panchayat election. Modi himself has visited Kerala a few times indicating his radar being sharpened in the state. If BJP can capture these two states, there would no post left to be conquered by the party in the next Lok Sabha election. Single party domination in a nation, as seen in various countries before, can however be detrimental to the health of democracy.