Israel is threatening African migrants out

Israel is taking the migrant situation in their own hands by offering the Africans to leave their country. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the plan which will let the Africans leave in peace or jail.

Israel is threatening African migrants out
Israel is threatening African migrants out

Benjamin Netanyahu, seems to be pretty aggressive on his border issues. Along campaign is in line for African migrants and asylum seekers to flock out of Israel, as they are not legal residents. These Africans are mostly Eritrean and Sudanese, with at least 20,000 already leaving.

The problem of the matter is these refugees have no place to stay in their own countries or a method of survival. Hence is the reason why they left their own countries in the first place. It is of no one’s fault, and Israel needs to be more compassionate about such issues.

Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Facebook,

“The government approved a plan today that will give every infiltrator two options a flight ticket out or jail.”

In November Rwanda had promised to take in the refugees, of a total of 10,000 asylum seekers. However the United Nations does not find safety in such proposals and hence prefers them to stay safe till they are comfortable leaving to their own countries.

It is seen that such proposals of them relocating to other African nations eventually leads to them running away to better destinations such as Europe. This problem will continue over and over again due to no organization of asylum seekers gaining ground.

This refugee crisis comes at a time, when USA has helped grant Israel the holy capital of Jerusalem with no one’s wish but their own. United Nations last month, strictly voted against such decisions. Also Prime Minister Netanyahu is battling criminal investigations and these announcements are just distractions for the public.

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Statistics show that there are almost 60,000 migrants that have crossed over from Egypt since 2005. Also there are international conventions which prevent asylum seekers to theirhome countries where they face persecution.

Mr Ardab, aged 38 an asylum seeker from Sudan left in 2003 to Israel, told the New York Times that he would rather spend time in jail than go back to Africa.