Jb Mustak Hossain: Father of Bengal’s Silent Revolution

As a philanthropist, Jb Mustak Hossain is always shy of the spotlight by nature. Millions love and respect him as a father, guardian, and teacher for his unparallel Service to Humanity!

Jb Mustak Hossain: Father of Bengal’s Silent Revolution

Partition of East India left Bengal especially the Muslim Community poor, deprived, and broken; morally, economically, socially, and politically. Post India’s independence, poor Bengalis especially the Muslim Community needed a true leader who could show the way. Jb Mustak Hossain rose as a humble leader, stood grounded and still against all challenges to guard and guardian the people! Jb Mustak Hossain is the true leader behind the Muslim education revolution in Bengal. His support and guardianship led to 60+ missionary boarding schools rise in Bengal providing quality education to the poor and underprivileged but intelligent students today under his various wings – GD Academy, GD Charitable Society, and GD Study Circle. 3000+ students pursue higher education with the support of GD Scholarships apart from his generous support for educational institutions, development organizations. His charitable organizations were on the roads for providing support during medical and natural emergencies like Aamphan or Covid.

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Today, millions of students, parents, common people love and respect Jb Mustak Hossain like a father, guardian, and teacher for his unparallel Service to Humanity! He is a true blessing of Almighty for the people of Bengal and India for his selfless sacrifice, and big-and- kind heart, generosity, and compassion for the poor and needy. His exemplary leadership and humble personality have inspired many, making Jb Mustak Hossain a true role model/Leader!

Jb Mustak Hossain: Father of Bengal’s Silent RevolutionAs a social worker Jb Mustak Hossain never wanted to be in the spotlight by nature; with an amazing achievement is none other than a committed guardian of countless pupils. Jb Mustak Hossain is a really contemporary and secular individual. The secular state is not as simple to comprehend as the secular man. Anyone who is religious or spiritual can be secular. A secular person is one who is religious yet accepts different religions, who practices his religion but does not allow any dogma in his thoughts. In this view, Jb Mustak Hossain must be a contemporary and secular individual.

Jb Hossain’s contribution to the development of education in Bengal began with a verbal command, but the path was long and winding. He has been a staunch supporter of education throughout; he believes Education brings to light over darkness, reasoning over dogmatism, right over wrong, and can abolish intolerance. He understands people’s suffering and the freedom of the semi-educated, uneducated, backward, and destitute. Many eminent geniuses have written many valuable writings on the biography and various aspects of Jb Mostaq Hossain. He is more than simply a one-of-a-kind individual. Only by completing several yojanas can one progress from ‘person’ to ‘personality.’ He is constantly concerned about the poor and hardworking people of rural Bengal. His numerous initiatives are for the rural people, for whom there are actually very few persons to speak. Not only is he a symbol of social duty, but his pioneering role in conserving Bengal’s legacy and promoting unity is unquestionable. He is a good man. The majority of Muslims in West Bengal reside in villages. He provides support across Bengal, Amla Rana, an annual old-age stipend, scholarships for impoverished de- serving students, and assistance in building houses for the homeless.

Pataka Group of Companies is a byname for social responsibility, business ethics, quality, and innovation in a multitude of sectors such as Textiles, Tobacco, Infra-corp, Beverages, Food items, and Healthcare.

Jb Giasuddin Biswas, who laid the foundation stones of Pataka Group in 1949, is credited with formulating the company’s core philosophy. Mr. Biswas witnessed the poverty-stricken people in his village, very young, and felt his fellow men’s pains as his own. Hence it wasn’t a surprise when he first entered the business world, alleviating social anguish and guiding its members on a growth path being on the top of his list of priorities.

Jb Mustak Hossain took over his father’s legacy and The winsome journey as son and current Chairman of Pa- taka Group, who has grown the business exponentially. His wisdom has served as a driving force behind the company’s many endeavors. Mr. Hossain has a great vision for the future, he wishes to scale up the activities of Pataka Group and strive towards making it a People’s Brand.

The Pataka Group regards itself as a People’s Brand and further seeks to enrich the lives of the people and communities it deals with. Their motto and catchphrase, ‘Social responsibility is our bottom line,’ also attests to their vision and commitment to social good and people’s welfare. In 1980, Hossain joins the company and undertakes strategic re-alignment. Hossain has brought phenomenal changes to the business; under his leadership, the order of business and society was redefined.

The seed that Jb Mustak Hossain sowed, will yield multifaceted benefits for Bengla in times to come. Pandemic has taught us many things – entrepreneurship, technology, and women’s socio-economic empowerment are the backbone of Community leadership. It will be interesting to see how his philanthropic endeavors will address some of these macroeconomic aspects of Community Development.

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Jb Mustak Hossain: Father of Bengal’s Silent Revolution
As a philanthropist, Jb Mustak Hossain is always shy of the spotlight by nature. Millions love and respect him as a father, guardian, and teacher for his unparallel Service to Humanity!
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