Was Jerusalem Trump’s Biggest Mistake?

Donald Trump’s aggressive and beyond risky decisions might not play for too long with the world. The UN General Assembly have backed the resolution for the calling out on the United States to withdraw their decision of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Was Jerusalem Trumps Biggest Mistake
Was Jerusalem Trumps Biggest Mistake

The conflict of Jerusalem between Israeli and Palestinian people should not be dictated by the United Nations. With peace talks going on, Donald Trump taking such a decision has taken the peaceful steps backwards a many years.

The 1975 UN General Assembly held a rare session on request of Arab and Muslim states. They condemned and wanted a reversal of the decision made by Donald Trump. This urgent resolution came into picture once the United States had vetoed the Security Council resolution which was similar in context.

The resolution debated was approved by 128 states which included four permanent Security Council members (China, France, Russia and the UK). 35 countries abstained which included US neighbours (Canada and Mexico). 9 voted against it, primarily US backed countries and Israel (Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia).

The 9 who voted against it, fell for the threat by Donald Trump of cutting financial aid from countries that back this resolution.

The resolution in picture has shown Trumps diplomatic isolation in terms of world unity. He has further contributed to world politics being unsettled. With Egypt and Jordan both voting for the resolution, and gaining support in terms of US financial aid it will be in bad taste if Donald Trump does cut funding. Donald Trump being the president of the United States has all legal rights to cut funding, however it must be seen that these two countries are strategic partners to the United States.

Israel further added to the chaos by likening this resolution to the 1975 resolution of equating Zionism with racism. This was reversed by United States, due to its constant pressure after 16 years.

“Its shameful that this meeting is even taking place, Israel’s envoy to the United Nations, “ Danny Danon tol the General Assembly.

Social media being a forefront of communication was used by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. He said in a Facebook post.